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CUSOM Curriculum Map

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​​Curriculum​​ Tools & Resources

Curriculum Search Tool - the Curriculum Search Tool allows you two search the CUSOM Undergraduate Medical Education curriculum by Program (Graduation) Competency, Search Terms, and Topics. This tool is accessible to CU SOM faculty, staff, and students. 

IMPORTANT: To access the Curriculum Search Tool, you MUST

  1. Be connected to CU Anschutz network via your campus computer, through the CU Anschutz       wireless network, or via VPN.
  2. Have a CU SOM University account (Username and Password).

    ​​​>> Go to Curriculum Search Tool
Curriculum Resources - find resources for curriculum/ course design, curriculum change requests, Program Competencies, Topics, and more.​

Curriculum Mapping Project

Curriculum ​mapping allows faculty, staff, and students to easily find curriculum content, analyze for gaps and redundancies, perform curriculum reviews, and plan for and design new curricular content.​​

CUSOM Curriculum Structure
Program Compete​ncies

In development since 2014, the curriculum mapping initiative underwent its most recent phase of review during Summer 2016. Building upon the curriculum content already in the curriculum database, Essential Core Course Directors, Clinical Core Block Directors, Longitudinal Course Directors, Threads Directors, and the Sub-Internship Directors have reviewed all of their individual learning objectives and mapped each to one of the School of Medicine (CUSOM) Program (Graduation) Competencies. This level of detail will provide faculty and administrators with information about how and where the CUSOM curriculum aligns with the Undergraduate Medical Education (UME) Program Competencies for graduating medical students. 


In addition to the Program Competencies, all sessions and learning experiences in the required UME curriculum have been categorized according to updated CUSOM Curriculum Topics. The 89 Curriculum Topics, which range from the basic sciences to clinical practice, have been aligned with content from USMLE, and content areas designated by the LCME and ACGME. Implementing a universal list to track the topics covered in each course, block, and sub-internship will enable faculty to use the Curriculum Search Tool to facilitate in-depth searches of curriculum content and  improve curriculum integration both horizontally (within a Block/ Phase) and vertically (across Phases).  


Slated for completion by the end of 2017, all assessments in the required UME curriculum will be linked to curriculum content in the curriculum map. Essential Core faculty in Phase I and II will review and categorize the exam items in each course with the goal of providing students with individualized, detailed reports about their scores by USMLE content area on Essential Core exams. Similarly, Clinical Core faculty will review the assessments in Phase III to determine how the CUSOM Program competencies are being assessed.