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Arts & Humanities

The interdisciplinary project of humanities inquiry in health professions education began 40 years ago, and programs such as ours are thriving, rigorous, and taught by credentialed humanities and social science scholars alongside clinicians throughout the world. 

The humanities and arts provide insight into the human condition, suffering, personhood, our responsibility to each other, and offer a historical perspective on health care practice.  Attention to literature and the arts develops and nurtures skills of observation, analysis, empathy, and self-reflection -skills that are essential for humane health care, while the social sciences help us to understand how culture interacts with the individual experience of illness and the way health care is practiced.  

Our educational efforts include both the integration of humanities and arts into required courses such as anatomy, physical diagnosis, communication skills, and bioethics as well as free-standing elective courses that offer students more rigrous analysis of imaginative works and more in-depth exploration of human experiences.