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Meet the CAPE Staff

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                                 Eva Aagaard, MD


                                  Associate Dean for Educational Strategy

                                 Director, Academy of Medical Educators






 Jennifer Fisher


                                 Jennifer Hummer Fisher, DNP, WHNP, CDE

                                 Associate Director,

                                 Associate Professor, Department of Family Medicine






                             Kirsten J. Broadfoot PhD

                             Assistant Director,

                             Communication Curriculum and Development Specialist  ,

                             Associate Director of Communication

                             Foundations of Doctoring Program, 

                             School of Medicine Visiting Associate Professor,

                             Dept. of Family Medicine                                






















                             Carissa Smith, MBA





Joey Failma 

Senior Simulation Clinical Educator




Melissa Dockstader 

SP Educator




Elshimaa Basha 

Standardized Patients/Simulation Educator​











                                Larry Armstrong 

                                 IT Technician 






                                 Kathy Werfelmann

                                  Coordinator Lifelong Learning                                                                                                                                                                                         





                                 CAPE Administrative Assistant