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CAPE's Simulation Suites


ER/OR: CAPE's ER/OR suite is equipped with the capability to be set up as either a fully functional emergency room or operating room. Everything from overhead surgical lights, an anesthesia machine with ventilator, actual medical gases, and Bair hugger to a defibrillator and exam tables provides an atmosphere that optimizes the students' ability to suspend disbelief and the instructors' ability to simulate the operational environment to where the learning is to be applied.

ICU/Ward: The ICU/Ward room is able to function as either an ICU room or ward room. This room will remind students of a typical hospital room with wall hook-ups for medical gases and suction, space for ventilator hook-up, supplies for bedside procedures, and a sink for proper hand sanitation.

L&D: CAPE's Labor and Delivery room is fully-furnished with an obstetric bed, bassinet, a fetal heart monitor, and exam lights. Students will find a striking resemblance to a modern L&D room useful for training students, residents, and mid-wives in both routine deliveries and more obstetric emergencies.