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CAPE's High-Fidelity Simulated Mannequins


METI-ECS: This mannequin provides abundant features sufficient for a broad range of educational needs. Features include blinking eyes, anatomically correct airway, independent chest excursion simulating pneumothorax or bronchial intubation, breath, hear, and bowel sounds, multiple peripheral pulses, and sites for cricothyrotomy, chest decompression, DPL, chest tubes and peripheral IVs. The accompanying software has preprogrammed physiologic responses for over 50 drugs.

Noelle: This high fidelity obstetric mannequin is able to deliver a child up to ever twenty minutes. Settings allow Noelle to deliver via uncomplicated vaginal delivery, caesarean section, or it can include complications such as breech presentation, shoulder dystocia, and post-partum hemorrhage. Amidst any type of delivery, maternal, fetal and neonatal vital signs can be displayed, skin color can be modified, and hemorrhage can be programmed. Reusable episiotomy modules are also available for practicing repairs.  

Newborn HAL: Newborn HAL neonatal mannequin operates with Noelle in simulating delivery but adds the experience of neonatal assistance and resuscitation. Features include realistic airway management, spontaneous breathing, heart sounds, multiple pulse locations, hypoxia detecting skin color and vital signs, and venous access via arm, umbilicus, and intraosseous site.

SimBaby: SimBaby is a portable infant simulator perfect for pediatric simulation scenarios. SimBaby allows for realistic airway management including ET/LMA compatible airway, tongue edema, pharyngeal swelling and laryngospasms. Complex physical sign monitoring is facilitated by its ability to present with subcostal retractions, circumoral cyanosis, and fontanel distension. Code scenarios are brought to life by live defibrillation, pacing, and synchronized cardioversion.