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Goals and Objectives

​​The goal of this experience is to expose health professional learners to a more complex patient situation, where collaborative care is needed to optimize patient outcomes. Communication will be crucial in this experience. Simulation is a fun, engaging way to learn more about complex medical care, and a great way to augment the clinical learning in your rotation. Participants will have the opportunity to:

  • Hone one’s clinical skills in a simulated patient-care environment
  • Improve team communication
  • Develop your capacity for clinical leadership
  • Enhance your CV

We will be creating interprofessional teams of five students representing a cross section of our AMC schools and programs. During the event, participants actively participate in an hour long interactive TeamSTEPPS exercises where you will learn a framework of team communication tools and then use these tools in a simulated patient scenario (utilizing mannequins or standardized patients). After the interactive session, teams will brief for their first patient/simulation encounter. The scenarios will involve you working in a team of multiple health professional students. Afterwards, your team will debrief these patient encounters with a highly trained communications coach. Teams are then given a chance to do a second scenario followed by a debrief session.