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Other School of Medicine Programs

School of Medicine

CHA/PA Student 

CHA-PA Program Admissions

The Child Health Associate - Physician Assistance program is a three-year curriculum designed to prepare graduates to provide comprehensive medical care for people of all ages, emphasizing the care of infants, children and adolescents.

Physical Therapy Program Student

Physical Therapy Program Admissions

This program offers an entry-level Doctor of Physical Therapy as part of a professional program that educates graduates to assume the diverse roles of clinical practitioner, patient manager, teacher, researcher, administrator, consultant and advocate.

Medical Scientist Training Program Student

Medical Scientist Training Program Admissions

This rigorous, multidisciplinary training educates students in clinical medicine and biomedical research, resulting in combined M.D./Ph.D. degrees. The student body numbers more than 50 working in eight graduate departments.


This degree program is a partnership between University of Colorado Denver's College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and the School of Medicine in which a handful of students from broadly diverse backgrounds receive a reserved seat in Medical School.