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Meet Our Prospective Student Representatives

Our Prospective Student Representatives are a current medical students who play an integral role in a variety of admissions activities and events.

Before Interview Day, they setup the Pre-Interview Day Gathering, where students meet with applicants the night before interview to provide insight into their personal experiences at CU School of Medicine. They also arrange for students hosts for applicants who request to stay with a current medical student instead of at a hotel. 

On Interview Day, the Pro-Reps participate in our Student Panel, which is a question and answer session during lunch for all applicants. Our Pro-Reps also lead Campus Tours, showing applicants lecture halls, small group sessions classrooms, hospitals and other important locations on campus. Second Look Day is another event they are heavily involved in and are key to making the day a great success. 

Our Prospective Student Representatives are essential to our Admissions Team!


Maximilliam Cabrera​

​Hometown: Elizabeth, NJ

Before Med School: I was at Rutgers for my undergrad, basically taking a gap year (senior year) since I had completed all my requirements. I went on a bunch of trips, visited NYC a lot, watched plenty of drag shows, living the good life!

Fun Fact: My name was misspelled on my birth certificate and no one realized until I looked at my birth certificate to apply to colleges.

Carley Little

Hometown: Casper, WY.

Before Med School: After I graduated with a BS in chemistry, I went to graduate school and got a master’s in organic chemistry and then taught high school chemistry and physics.

Fun Fact: CUSOM is the best medical school ever!


Amanda Tompkins

Hometown: Henryville, PA

Before Med School: In 2010, I graduated from Muhlenberg College in Allentown, PA with a BA in psychology and double minor in philosophy and religion. I lived in South Africa for a year with a program of the Lutheran church before moving to Denver to start taking healthcare pre-reqs while working full time. I worked as a CNA, then EMT and finally as a professional research assistant before starting medical school!

Fun Fact: Before moving to Denver, I took a six week cross-country road-trip to decide where in the U.S. to move to take pre-reqs for med school. A friend and I drove 11,000 miles, camped, hiked and stayed with friends in 27 states and many national parks.

David Gamble

Hometown: Estes Park, CO

Before Med School: I graduated from Baylor University with a B.S. in health science, then spent a year working in Kansas, the Netherlands and Colorado.

Fun Fact: In preschool I told everyone I wanted to be a lobster when I grew up. My plans have obviously changed somewhat. 


Sanju Garimella

Hometown: Aurora, CO

Before Med School: I graduated with a degree in integrative biology from CU Denver and started medical school three months after.

Fun Fact: Positive Gorlin Sign; google it!

Ryan Phan

Hometown: Parker, Colorado

Before Med School: I graduated from the University of Notre Dame with a B.S. in science preprofessional studies and anthropology in 2016. After graduation, I worked as an emergency department scribe.

Fun Fact: I once coached AAU youth basketball against an ex-NBA player and WNBA coach, Michael Cooper. Greatest athletic achievement of my life.