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Meet Our Prospective Student Representatives

Our Prospective Student Representatives are a current medical students who play an integral role in a variety of admissions activities and events.

Before Interview Day, they setup the Pre-Interview Day Gathering, where students meet with applicants the night before interview to provide insight into their personal experiences at CU School of Medicine. They also arrange for students hosts for applicants who request to stay with a current medical student instead of at a hotel. 

On Interview Day, the Pro-Reps participate in our Student Panel, which is a question and answer session during lunch for all applicants. Our Pro-Reps also lead Campus Tours, showing applicants lecture halls, small group sessions classrooms, hospitals and other important locations on campus. Second Look Day is another event they are heavily involved in and are key to making the day a great success. 

Our Prospective Student Representatives are essential to our Admissions Team!


Erica Dolph

​Hometown: Lincoln, NE

Before Med School: Before starting medical school, I finished up my engineering degree at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and took a road trip from Nebraska to South Carolina before packing up and moving to Denver!.

Fun Fact: In my free time (and also when I am supposed to be studying) I really enjoy playing classical piano. 


Christina Cheung

Hometown: Denver, CO

Before Med School: I graduated from the University of Colorado Denver with a B.S. in Biology and a Health Humanities minor. Before medical school I went axe throwing, waterfall hiking, and camping. I also played a lot of frisbee!

Fun Fact: I like to make my own pasta from scratch!


Colton Hageman

Hometown: Lake Preston, SD

Before Med School: Last May, I graduated from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln with a BS in Biochemistry, and I spent my summer working construction and building houses

Fun Fact: My hometown has a population of 500 people, and I graduated high school with a class of 13 students.



Sam Merrill

Hometown: Alpine, UT

Before Med School: I traveled, ate excessive amounts of seafood & pasta, discovered new canyoneering routes, spent as much time as possible outdoors, and had a baby girl!

Fun Fact: I can remove my tooth on command..  




Micah Pascual

Hometown: Kaneohe, Hawaii

Before Med School: Took a gap year, worked in an endocrinologist’s office and a fashion boutique, traveled, spent time with my family back in Hawaii

Fun Fact: I like to hike and take long walks on the beach!




Rita (Quy) Tat

Hometown: Broomfield, CO

Before Med School: I graduated from the University of Colorado Boulder with majors in Biochemistry and Molecular Developmental Cellular Biology. In my gap years, I worked as a professional research assistant in the Anesthesiology lab and volunteered as a Care coordination leader at DAWN Clinic.

Fun Fact: I love shark and zombie movies!