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Selection Criteria

School of Medicine Admissions

Applicant Pool
For selection of the entering class for fall 2014, the Colorado applicant pool along with the WICHE schools of Montana and Wyoming totaled 535 applicants. As evidence of the quality of this group,  284 of these students were invited for interviews. Approximately 3,713 non-resident applicants completed their secondary applications, and from this cohort, 274 were invited for interviews.

The grade point average for the 160 entering medical students in the fall of 2013 was a 3.68 and the MCAT median a 32Q. Selection criteria are validated by outcome measures such as retention, successful progression through the curriculum and graduation rates.

Process Oriented Aspects of Admissions
Secondary applications are requested from all candidates. Once the secondary application is completed and a $100 application fee is paid, the file is reviewed for further consideration. 

Applicants are required to obtain three to five letters of recommendation to support their candidacy for admission. Students are interviewed on Friday mornings. Interviews begin in early September and conclude in late February.  Interviews are one on one, and at the time of the interview, the AMCAS personal statement, the Colorado Essay, experiences from the application, legal residence, names of high school and primary college, degree and major ​are available to interviewers.