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Frequently Asked Questions

School of Medicine Admissions

What is the probability of acceptance?
How do I apply?
How do I get a Supplemental Application?
How can I get a waiver of your application fee?
Do you participate in an Early Decision (ED) program?
How many letters of recommendation do I need to submit?
Can I include additional documents with my application (updates, letters of intent, and/or additional information?
Should I send my transcripts as part of the application process?
What courses are required for admission? Is there a lab requirement?
Do you accept AP credits for prerequisites?
If I haven't completed my prerequisites, can I still apply?
Can I take my prerequisite courses at a Community College?
Do you require an undergraduate degree?
What are the oldest MCAT scores you accept?
If I took an MCAT more than 3 years ago, will you still consider my application?
Can I attend an open house?
Can I speak with an admissions counselor or schedule a campus tour?
If I am not accepted, can you tell me why?
Do you give preference to residents of the state of Colorado?
Do I need to be a science major?
How long does it take to hear a decision from you?
Does University of Colorado School of Medicine have rolling admissions?
Do you have a seven or eight year program?
How do I apply to the MD/PhD (MSTP) Program?
If I am rejected from the MD/PhD (MSTP) Program, will I still be considered for the M.D. Program?
If I am applying to the MD/PhD program, should I have my letters of recommendation sent to both the regular MD office as well as the MD/PhD office?
Does University of Colorado School of Medicine have an international electives program?
Do you accept transfer students?
How much are your tuition and fees?
Are students guaranteed housing?

Important Dates:

June 3 – Earliest filing date with AMCAS

July 21 – Earliest filing date for Colorado’s Secondary Application.

Early September to late February – Interviews on campus.

October 15 – Offers of admission are extended from Oct. 15 through the remainder of the year on a rolling basis. 

December 15 - Latest filing date for Colorado's Secondary Application.

March  -  Accepted students revisit weekend. 

April 30  -  Only one medical school acceptance may be held. 

August (1st or 2nd week) - Matriculation and orientation; classes begin.