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School of Medicine Admissions

Students can request an opportunity to defer in writing.  Normally, deferrals are granted for unusual or mitigating circumstances that create challenges for a student to enter medical school at that time. Also some “once in a lifetime opportunities” may arise, making a request to defer reasonable.  Some examples include difficult family circumstances, birth of a child, participation in the Olympics, a Fulbright Scholarship opportunity, Teach for America, etc.  The medical school wants students to enter when they have achieved a high degree of readiness to engage fully in the medical school program. The Associate Dean for Admissions decide whether to grant the deferral.

If a student is a non-resident at the time of initial acceptance, it is not possible to move to Colorado and during the year of deferral become a Colorado resident.  There are certain requirements regarding deferral that must be met:

  • Student must complete the majority of paperwork as if entering in the year for which they applied and pay the $200 deposit.
  • For the actual year in which you plan to enter, an AMCAS application must be completed, where you will be in a special category of “deferred/delayed admission.”
  • You may only apply to Colorado during the year in which you plan to enter.  If you wish to apply to other schools, you must simply withdraw your application from Colorado. 
  • As a deferred applicant, you will not have to complete the secondary application, pay the AMCAS fee, nor have to interview. 
  • Normally, most deferrals are for one year only.