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White Coat Ceremony

School of Medicine Admissions

The CU School of Medicine operates on the Anschutz Medical Campus, the nation's newest health care campus in Aurora, Colo. The campus' integrated design fosters collaboration among researchers, clinicians and students from all health care disciplines.

Our approximately 2,300 fulltime and 2,800 volunteer faculty members educate students, participate in research and assume considerable responsibility for patient care.

The School of Medicine curriculum is divided into four phases: Essentials Core (Phases I and II), Clinical Care and Advanced Studies. Basic science and clinical opportunities for medical students are located throughout Colorado in a number of hospitals and clinics.

A Colorado Springs branch became available for students entering the School of Medicine MD program in 2014. The branch allows an increase in MD graduates, addressing in part the physician shortage in Colorado and the nation. The 2014 incoming class increased from 160 to 184 students, and the additional 24 students will receive all of their third-year training in Colorado Springs. Details about applying for the new branch >>

Find out how to apply to the CU School of Medicine >>​