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Welcome to the Department of Surgery

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Medical Student Program

Externs and International Students

Building 500, Administrative Building, Former Army Hospital

To Apply for An Externship

Medical, osteopathic or international students who are interested in taking fourth year electives at UCD should read the School's extern page.  That page lists the fourth year surgery courses that are available to externs. 

Students Accepted for Surgery Externships

You will be notified of course name/number and course coordinator.  The course coordinator will send you further information.  You will attend a mandatory orientation the first day of your externship. Time, place, and directions will be e-mailed to you approximately one week before the orientation.  Acceptance as an extern or visiting student into a surgery course does not guarantee an interview for any CU School of Medicine residency.

What to Bring

Bring your school ID, white jacket, pager, driver's license, a small padlock, and any hard copies of your school’s evaluation form. You will be issued a photo UCD ID and a UCH ID to use for identification while you are here.  The hospital will issue you two sets of scrubs at a time.  You will be expected to dress professionally several times a week for clinics, grand rounds, etc. 


The UCD Student Assistance Office has listings for housing. 


The Anschutz Medical Campus Parking Office has maps, rates, and other information about parking.  Time is allowed during orientation for you to purchase a parking pass.   You will need your car registration information, payment (check, credit card, or cash), and campus ID to obtain parking.  The first day of the course, park at the Cheyenne Wells Parking Lot ($5 for 12 hours).