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Welcome to the Department of Surgery

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General Surgery Residency

Educational Program

Dr. Jeremy Hedges, Past Chief resident

 Trevor Nydam, MD, Transplant Faculty, Presents at Grand Rounds 10/21/13.


Surgery Faculty and residents at Grand Rounds.

The Surgical Science Conference is held on Monday mornings in the AIP2 UCH Auditorium located on the first floor of the AIP2 (new tower) East side, on the Anschutz Campus. The conference begins with a debate between two residents who are assigned opposing sides of a controversial surgical issue. Grand Rounds follows and covers all aspects of general and specialty surgery.

Each hospital and service has a weekly Surgical Core review conference using the national SCORE curriculum, as well as a morbidity and mortality conference and appropriate regular specialty conferences.

The American Board of Surgery In-Training Examination is given each January to all residents. This, together with faculty evaluations of the resident’s clinical activities, provides the criteria to assess the resident’s performance and level of preparation for clinical practice and successful completion of the examination for the American Board of Surgery. This material is periodically reviewed (at least twice each year) with each resident in meetings with the program director.

Residents evaluate rotations and faculty at the end of each rotation. This valuable feedback is used to enhance the educational program.

Our Surgical Residency Curriculum is ACGME competency-based and is specific to each PGY-level, site and rotation.