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Endoscopy/Laparoscopy/Minimally Invasive Surgery

The Children's Hospital Department of Pediatric Urologic Surgery

Endoscopy is a procedure that utilizes a tiny telescope-like instrument called an endoscope, which has a lens and a light source allowing the surgeon to visually examine the interior structures of the body. Miniature instruments are passed through these scopes. A video chip on the scope allows an image to be displayed on a video monitor that the surgeon can view during the procedure.

There are many advantages associated with endoscopy, which include smaller incisions (better cosmetic results) and shorter hospital stays with quicker recovery times. Endoscopy has become a preferred method of treatment for many procedures and is being utilized with greater frequency within pediatric urology to remove kidneys, deal with the undescended testis and hydrocele/hernia, and in the correction of vesicoureteral reflux.