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Pediatric Surgery Fellowship Program

Program Director and Administration

Dr. Frederick "Fritz" Karrer is the Program Director and Elizabeth Winders is the Residency Coordinator. Please contact Elizabeth at 720-777-5506 or if you have any questions regarding the Pediatric Surgery Education program.


Application Process

Pediatric Surgery at Children's Hospital Colorado uses the National Residency Match Program (NRMP) and the Association of American Medical Colleges' (AAMC) Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS) to appoint one new fellow each year. Please review the below websites for more detailed information:


Overview of the Program

The Pediatric Surgery Fellowship Program at The Children's Hospital in Denver employs one new fellow each year. The application process starts in December every year and interviews are held January through March. Pediatric Surgery then matches with one fellow candidate each May, who will begin a two year fellowship rotation the following July.

For further detailed information about our fellowship program, please review the Pediatric Surgery Training Program.



There are several rotations in Pediatric Surgery at The Children's Hospital. Our department accepts third year medical students for two week rotations and fourth year medical students for two or four week rotations. Occasionally, we also have first year medical students that rotate through the department for a few days or weeks to get the feel for the pediatric surgeon life.

Residents also rotate through Pediatric Surgery. We receive three new interns, or first year residents, every month who are each here for a month-long rotation. There are two second year Urology residents that rotate through for two intervals, each three months long (six months total). We also have several fourth year resident that do two intervals that was 1.5 months long (three months total).

Our department also receives three residents from St. Joseph's Hospital every year that each come for two months total.

Finally, Pediatric Surgery at The Children's Hospital is home to two fellows, one junior and one senior (or chief). Each fellow is with the department for two years total.


Graduate Medical Education (GME)

The University of Colorado School of Medicine and Affiliated Hospitals provide Graduate Medical Education training in 78 ACGME accredited resident and fellowship programs and 64 fellowship programs holding other accreditations or where accreditation is not available. Please visit their website for more information: Graduate Medical Education.


Educational Program/Conferences