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Division of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

 David Mathes, MD

  • Tolerance to Vascularized Composite Tissue Allografts (VCA) via only Transient Donor Cell Chimerism in a Pre-Clinical Large Animal Model
  • Tolerance to Composite Tissue Allografts via Hematopoietic Stem Cell Infusion

 Joyce Aycock, MD

  • Decreasing pain in breast reconstruction with tissue expanders

 Brooke French, MD

  • Secondary Burn Scar Treatment with the Fractionated CO2 laser
  • Long-term outcomes after cranioplasty
  • Maintenance of nasal shape after primary cleft rhinoplasty
  • Correlation of cleft alveolar bone graft results with 3-D facial morphology
  • Evaluation, Prediction, Planning and Treatment Outcomes of Patients with Craniofacial Differences using 3dMDcranial System
  • Classification of Positional Plagiocephaly:  A Clinician’s Tool
  • 3D analysis of intracranial volume changes using distraction osteogenesis in multisutural craniosynostosis
  • Nasoalveolar Molding in Cleft Population:  Assessment of Achievement and Maintenance of Nasal Symmetry and Columellar Length using 3D Morphometrics
  • Outcomes in Alternative Treatment Approaches for Sagittal Craniosynostosis:  Minimally Invasive versus Open
  • Hypertelorism in the Cleft Population ​

 Michael J.V. Gordon, MD



 Tae Chong, MD