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Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery: About the Division

Top surgeons attuned to your specific needs.

A team of specialists providing unsurpassed breadth, depth of offerings: “From simple to complex and everything in between.” For University of Colorado’s Plastic, Reconstructive and Hand Surgery team, it’s much more than just a slogan.​

We do breast reconstructions so challenging that few surgeons even attempt them – and we also perform cosmetic augmentations. We undertake intricate surgeries to rebuild damaged hands. We relieve carpal-tunnel syndrome. We perform highly specialized procedures to correct skull deformities; we do Botox injections, hair removal and a wide array of cosmetic work. Simply put, we really can do it all. And we do it every day.

University of Colorado Hospital’s Plastic, Reconstructive and Hand Surgery group is a vital component of the Rocky Mountain region’s leading academic medical center. In addition to training the next generation of physicians and nurses, University of Colorado Hospital hosts clinical trials providing new treatments few institutions can offer.

We develop a constant stream of innovative medical techniques and treatments, literally pushing the boundaries of medical science for the benefit of our patients. We take on the region’s toughest cases (often, such patients referred from community institutions with lesser capabilities) and bring the full complement of our talent and experience to bear in tackling them. We perform procedures few others can, such as DIEP flap breast reconstruction, a microsurgical technique harvesting excess tissue from the abdomen to reconstruct the breast while sparing the underlying muscle. And we also handle a wide array of cosmetic procedures which, while straightforward from a medical-science perspective, are no trifling matter for the patients undergoing them – or for our professionals.

What’s behind our team’s success? Our home at the Anschutz Medical Campus is part of one of the world’s most advanced medical facilities. We also have the latest technologies at our fingertips. But most importantly, we offer the services of some of the nation’s most accomplished plastic, reconstructive and hand surgeons. It’s a team uniquely positioned to address the broadest spectrum of patient needs.