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Welcome to the Department of Surgery

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T32 Grant Mandatory Courses

Course work includes training in:

  • research ethics
  • human subjects research


Other mandatory training includes:

  • conduct in the work place
  • IT security
  • Health and Safety, including:

·        Hazardous waste on-the-job safety training

·        Chemical Waste Management

·         Blood Borne Pathogens

·         Management and Disposal of Hazardous Materials

·         Shipping of Biological Samples (if project requires shipment of samples)


Researchers using vertebrate animals are required to complete the institutional animal welfare courses and periodic workshops that cover the handling, disposal, restraint, injection, and blood collection in rodents, as well as rule and regulations covering animal research. (  Additional training topics are available, including anesthesia, surgical techniques, and specialized procedures.  In addition, all researchers are required to complete an occupational health survey and meet with an occupational health nurse prior to working with laboratory animals.