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Welcome to the Department of Surgery

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The laboratory is equipped with several PCs attached to the Denver Health network.  These machines are capable of complex statistical and epidemiological analysis using programs such as SAS for windows, Statview and Epilnfo.  Software is also available for word-processing and production of scientific graphics.



Denver Health Medical Center has dedicated office space for 3 full time trauma research fellows in the Department of Surgery.  An additional 837 square feet of office space for 6 research associates is available in the Research Laboratory.  Secretarial assistance is provided by clinical secretarial staff.



Denver Health Medical Center has two helipads, 2 ED resuscitation suites, OR rooms and ICU beds dedicated specifically for trauma care.  The research laboratory also has 1096 square feet for a conference room, a research supply storage room, a library, a stationary supply room and a human protocol library.


Major Equipment:

1)      Preparative rotors: A series of preparative rotors (elutriation rotor, JA-10, JA-14 and T1 35’s) plus accompanying centrifuges are available for protein and cell preparation within the laboratory. 

2)      A Microscope suitable for fluorescent imaging of stained cells.  In addition, more elaborate setups including sensitive fluorescent capabilities are also available.

3)      A Perkin Elmer Luminescence Spectrometer LS50B for kinetic or endpoint assays.

4)      A Molecular devices spectra MAX 190 96-well dual wavelength spectrophotometer for kinetic or endpoint assays.

5)      A Sorvall RC-5b refrigerated Centrifuge for cell and tissue preparation within the laboratory.

6)      Two Beckman GS-15 Centrifuges for cell and tissue preparation within the laboratory.

7)      A Beckman GS-6R Centrifuge for cell and tissue preparation within the laboratory.

8)      An Eppendorf 5804 R Centrifuge for cell and tissue preparation within the laboratory.

9)      An Eppendorf 5415 R centrifuge for cell and tissue preparation within the laboratory.

10)  A Sonoclot platelet function analyzer model SCP2 for the analysis of the coagulation cascade on blood samples.

11)   Two tissue grinders: Labortechnik KIKA T25 basic and a Fisher Tissuemiser for tissue processing.

12)   An Ultrasonic homogenizer for the suspension of a solute into solution.

13)   Two heated bath-shakers:  Precision Reciprocal shakin bath and a Bellco Hot   shaker.

14)   A BIO-RAD Ultra rocker.

15)   An Apex Series Balance APX-60.

16)   A Vortex Genie 2 for mixing solutions.

17)   An Accumet Basic ABIS pH meter.

18)  5 Refrigerators each with a capacity of 18.2 cu. ft. for cold storage.

19)  Two CO2 incubators:  one Fisher Scientific with a capacity of 2 cu. ft. and one NAPCO model 332 with a capacity of 4 cu. ft. for the growth and preparation of cells/experimental samples

20)   One Labgard NuAir Inc. biological safety cabinet.

21)   Two Thermo Scientific -80 C REVCO Elite plus freezers with a capacity of 32 cu. ft. for human sample storage.

22)  Four REVCO Legacy capacity -80 freezers with a capacity of 24.4 cu. ft. for animal tissue samples. 

23)  A Beckman Coulter FC 500 Flow Cytometer used for cell counting, cell analysis, GFP expression and immunophenotyping analysis, etc.

24)   Two operating benches

25)   Two overhead operating lights

26)   Two anesthetic machines to provide anesthesia for animals undergoing experimental procedures.

27)   Two mechanical ventilators for animals undergoing experimental procedures

28)   Two Propaq hemodynamic monitors for constant blood pressure monitoring of animals undergoing experimental procedures

29)   An arterial blood gas machine to monitor the blood gases of animals undergoing experiment procedures

30)   An OXILab PO2 Tissue oxygenation monitor to monitor the amount of tissue oxygenation in animals undergoing experimental procedures

 A Zeiss surgical microscope