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Welcome to the Department of Surgery

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Belle Bonfils Blood Center Laboratory

The Bonfils Blood Center Research Laboratory occupies 5,000 square feet of space equipped for biochemical and immunological studies. In addition, there is a separate 100 square foot walk-in cold room, a 250 square foot isotope room, and an 80 square foot tissue culture room with a Class II A/B3 Biologic hood and two microscopes: a phase contrast and a dissecting microscope both for cell culture work and modified for counting of endothelial cells.  There is also a fully equipped dark room with an automated x-ray film developer. There are dedicated areas for the storage of research blood and blood components in the General Blood storage areas that are AABB, CAP, and CLIA certified with FDA onsight monitoring.  There are also freezers and platelet rotators that are used for research purposes that Dr. Silliman has access to for all the planned work.  Two microplate readers are available for all oxidase assays including diogenes assays for rodent leukocytes.  There is a Perkin Elmer LC235 with a diode array and fraction collector for separation of lipophilic compounds with constant UV monitoring and fration collectors to collect appropriate lipids by retention time either using normal phase or revrse phase high pressure liquid chromatography.  There is a Perkin Elmer LS50B spectrofluorimeter for the direct measurement of intracellular Ca2+ and other cytosolic ions of interest.  This spectrofluorimeter has an attached plate reader for all assays that require a spectrofluorimeter of this quality. There are three -80oC freezers for storage of reagents and samples. 



University Hospital is a 400 bed general hospital complete with operating rooms and clinical ward facilities appropriate for the investigations of adult patients.  The Children's Hospital of Denver is a 240 bed Pediatric Hospital with similar facilities for children.  The Principal Investigator has admitting privileges at both of these facilities.



Mice: All transgenic mice are cared for in the Animal Care Center in Reseach Complex-1 (North) at the Univeristy of Colorado Denver, Anschutz Medical Campus, Aurora, CO.  All of the described animal experiments are performed in the Animal Care Facility that has all the required equipment to perform the proposed studies including small animal respiratory chambers, a scale to measure both the weight of the lungs, disecting microscopes, padded restraints and proper monitoring equipment.  This laboratory is equipped expressly for experiments with mice.

Rats: all experiments with rats are performed at in the Surgical suites in the animal Care Facility at Denver Health Medical.  There are two operating benches with operating lights, radiant warmers, perfusion pumps and ProPakTM equipment to monitor vital signs.  Also available in tis room is an arterial blood gas machine which also measures Na+ and glucose.  There are sinks to maintain clean surgical instruments.