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CCTCARE Transplantation Lecture Series

All Academic Years

Welcome to the Colorado Center for Transplantation Care, Research and Education (CCTCARE) Transplantation Lecture Series.  We launched this Lecture Series in March 2012 as a means of bringing together the transplant community.  One of our goals is to provide the venue for basic science and clinical researchers along with associated health care providers the opportunity to exchange information and collaborate.  It has been our sincere desire to further the exceptional research being done and discovery that occurs both on and off our campus for the ultimate goal of improving patient care and outcomes.

Below are the Academic Years that CCTCARE has hosted the Lecture Series.  Click on the link and browse through the presentations that our leading clinical and basic science researchers have shared.


Current Year (July 2012 to present)

Last Year (March 2012 through June 2012)

NOTE: These presentations are in pdf and can be viewed using Adobe Reader. Click here to download the latest version of this free software.

Disclaimer: The information contained within this Transplantation Lecture Series Archive is intended for use by physicians, scientists and other health care professionals.  These documents were prepared by basic science, nursing professionals and clinical scientists for presentation and discussion at conferences held at the University of Colorado Denver, Aurora, Colorado.  No guarantees are made with respect to accuracy or timeliness of this material.  This material should not be used as a basis for treatment decisions, and is not a substitute for professional consultation.