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Program Summary

Developmental Psychobiology

The Department of Psychiatry at the University of Colorado Denver is offering a postdoctoral research training program to train M.D.'s and Ph.D.'s for research careers in developmental psychobiology, with special emphasis on the development of maladaptive behavior. The Department of Psychiatry has a long history of involvement in developmental research. Within the Department, there is presently a multidisciplinary group of investigators, the Developmental Psychobiology Research Group (or DPRG). All of these researchers have a productive career involvement as independent investigators of developmental research techniques, some of which are technologically unique, and utilize a comparative approach to the problem of understanding development. Subject populations have ranged from humans through nonhuman primates to neuronal and glial cell cultures. Members of this group serve as the faculty for this research training program. Because of its setting, problems with clinical relevance are continually in the forefront.



A two-year training program is offered which includes a Core Curriculum with formal coursework to be completed by all trainees and individual research in one or more faculty laboratories. The Core Curriculum of the training program consists of seminar participation, coursework, and an introduction to all Training Faculty and their research. The trainees completing this program will be well-versed in the basic concepts of developmental psychobiology and in a variety of research techniques. In addition, they will have completed an independent research project in at least one laboratory.


For more information contact Linda Greco-Sanders, MPA, Program Manager

or Mark Laudenslager, Program Director, 303-724-9276.