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Training and Implementation Support



The ENCOMPASS Consulting Team provides complementary initial Program consultation that includes:

  • Overview of ENCOMPASS
  • Initial program evaluation and assessment to make sure that ENCOMPASS is a good match for your treatment program (e.g. implementation feasibility; economic sustainability).

Implementation Process

After a decision to implement has been made, programs enter into a standard contractual agreement with ENCOMPASS which includes Pre-Implementation services, Training, Post-Training Implementation and Sustainability services, and Consultation.

  1. Pre-Implementation
    • Pre-Implementation consists of 2-3 months of weekly teleconference calls between the onsite ENCOMPASS Clinical Team and the ENCOMPASS Consulting Team to assure training and implementation readiness.
    • Each onsite ENCOMPASS Clinical Team consists of:
      • .25 FTE Medical Director (MD/RN or PA with prescribing privileges)
      • 2 full time CBT therapists
      • 1 full time administrative coordinator
  2. Training
    • An onsite face-to-face training is provided by the ENCOMPASS Consulting Team
    • Training on ENCOMPASS components is tailored to best meet the immediate and long-term needs of the site
    • The onsite ENCOMPASS Clinical Team (medical clinician, CBT therapists, and program administrator) must be available to participate in all onsite training activities to enhance understanding of each of the program components and to develop integrated roles and responsibilities critical to successful implementation 
    • The onsite face-to-face training includes:
      • live demonstration, role plays, case study, brainstorming, and problem solving;
      • comprehensive training in the administration of diagnostic clinical evaluation, progress-monitoring, and outcome assessments;
      • motivational incentives;
      • manualized CBT;
      • clinical supervision;
      • tracking clinical outcomes;
      • coordinating medication management with CBT;
      • coordinating ENCOMPASS Clinical Team activities;
      • scheduling;
      • case review;
      • certification of the Program and the Clinical Team
  3. Post-Training Implementation
    • Patient enrollment begins immediately or shortly after the onsite training
    • Research strongly supports the need for ongoing post-training clinical supervision, fidelity monitoring and implementation support
    • Post-training implementation support and clinical supervision for the remainder of the first year includes weekly teleconference calls between the ENCOMPASS Consulting Team and the onsite ENCOMPASS Clinical Team
  4. Ongoing Certification and Sustainability
    • Annual renewal of ENCOMPASS site certification includes a regular but less intensive ongoing clinical supervision via regular teleconference calls, and booster trainings to assure continued fidelity and sustainability
    • Access to evaluation of clinical outcomes
    • Consultation with continued funding sources, or to acquire new sources for funding
    • Program costs to maintain ENCOMPASS certification and cover salaries, clinical operations, overhead, and profit margin are offset by charging a per patient case rate between $5000-$6000