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  • ENCOMPASS is an evidence-based, integrated treatment for adolescents and young adults with co-occurring psychiatric and substance use disorders based on more than 15 years of clinical research.
  • ENCOMPASS can be feasibly implemented in “real world” mental health and substance abuse treatment settings and is compatible with existing treatment components.
  • A school-based adaptation of ENCOMPASS is also available.
  • The ENCOMPASS Consulting Team provides training, full-service implementation support, fidelity/adherence monitoring, ongoing clinical supervision, booster trainings, clinical outcomes assessment, program support and certification for ENCOMPASS providers.

Key components of ENCOMPASS:

  • Comprehensive clinical assessment and diagnostic evaluation of psychiatric and substance use disorders
  • Concurrent treatment of psychiatric and substance use disorders including 16 weeks of individual cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) with motivational enhancement (or 8-10 weeks, if school-based) and medication management, if clinically indicated
  • Motivational incentives to promote treatment compliance and abstinence
  • Family involvement
  • Standardized measures for monitoring clinical progress and treatment outcomes
  • Utilization of existing community-based resources for relapse prevention and to augment continuing care