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Center for Schizophrenia Research

Welcome to the Center for Schizophrenia Research web site.

The Schizophrenia Center in the Department of Psychiatry at UC School of Medicine is a multi-disciplinary group of investigators with a common goal: to develop better treatments for both adult and childhood onset schizophrenia, particularly for the cognitive deficits in the disorder. The Center consists of clinicians who both see patients and conduct behavioral and cognitive research, and a basic science group that studies the underlying molecular deficits in schizophrenia utilizing both human and animal models. The scientific progress in basic science is returned to the clinical group in the form of guidance for drug development. The Schizophrenia Center has concentrated on cholinergic mechanisms, particularly those involving neuronal nicotinic acetylcholine receptors, and currently has a large developmental component in both childhood onset schizophrenia and basic science investigation of a prenatal role for nicotinic receptors. The Schizophrenia Center is one of only a few such centers in the country and the only one focused on cholinergic mechanisms. The investigators are productive and well-funded.