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DPRG Seminar Schedule


Next Meeting: April 24, 2018

*Special location, this date only: Education 2 South, Room 1102*

"Prenatal Choline Supplement Effects"

Sharon Hunter, PhD

       Associate Professor, Department of Psychiatry
       University of Colorado School of Medicine

To receive credit for ZOOM attendance, return this evaluation after the presetnation to


May 1, 2018


      All day event


All seminars are on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays September through April from 10:00-11:45 AM in Room P18-1004, on the ground floor between the Hensel Phelps Auditoriums. Prior to each seminar there is a "coffee hour" from 9:30 - 10:00 AM. 

Parking is available in the Henderson Garage. Take a ticket when you arrive. Payment vouchers will be provided at the meeting. A campus map and parking validation instructions are posted to the left in the sidebar.

Remote attendance will be available via ZOOM, unless otherwise noted. To get credit for attending remotely, submit a completed evaluation form to

If you would like to get on the seminar schedule for this year, please send your preferred dates (we meet on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of each month), CV, and topic title to

Past Seminar Recordings:

11/16/16 Recording: Psychiatry Grand Rounds: Adversity, Accelerated Aging, and Interventions, Elissa Epel, PhD

12/13/16 Recording: Native American Fathers, Jennifer Waller, PhD

1/10/17 Recording: Translational Epigenetics of Caregiving, Sarah Watamura, PhD

1/24/17 Recording: Down Syndrome Proteostasis, James Roede, PhD

3/14/17 Recording: Relationship Between Mismatched Response and Language Dev in Hearing Impaired, Kristin Uhler, PhD

3/28/17 Recording: Analysis of Endophenotypes for Schitzophrenia and Bipolar Disorder, Mei Hall, PhD

4/12/17 Psychiatry Grand Rounds: Seeing the Lion, Inaugural Emde Endowed Lecture, Helen Egger, MD

4/25/17 Recording: Structural Covariation and Functional Connectivity of Sensory Networks in Autism Spectrum Disorder, Garrett Cardon, PhD

9/12/17 Recording: Clinical Services for Adults with Down Syndrome, Barry Martin, MD

10/10/17 Recording: 43rd Annual Meeting

10/10/17 Recording: Meeting Some of the DPRG Faculty

10/24/17 Recording: Neurodevelopment, A Life Course Perspective, Allison Shapiro, PhD

10/24/17 Recording: Meet Some More of the DPRG Faculty

11/14/17 Recording: Post-Doct Double Feature Samantha Brown, PhD and Aviva Olsavsky, MD

11/14/17 Recording: Meet the Rest of the DPRG Faculty

12/12/17 Recording: Physiological Covariation and Interpersonal Interaction, Chad Danyluck, PhD

1/9/18  Recording: Active Mind, Active Myelin? Bruce Appel, PhD

1/23/18 Recording: Leveraging Positive Childhood Experiences and Memories for Lifespan and Intergenerational Resilience, Angela Narayan, PhD, LP

2/13/18 Recording: Community-Based Executive Functioning Intervention for Children with ASD and ADHD: Trials (and Tribulations, Bruno Anthony, PhD

2/27/18 Recording: DNA Methylation of Obesity-Associated Human Metastable Epialleles, Sarah Borengasser, PhD

3/13/18 Recording: Sensory Dysfunction in Autism Spectrum Disorder: Neural and Behavioral Correlates, Garrett Cardon, AuD, PhD

3/27/18 Recording: A Translational Approach to Investigating Antenatal Angiogenic Imbalance on Offspring Neurophysiology, Clare Paterson, PhD

4/10/18 Recording: Multi-Omics Approaches to Understanding Marijuana Use Pathways, Christian Hopfer, MD

​Affiliated Seminars
If you are interested in joining any of these groups, contact the leader. If there is an area not covered that you think there would be interest in, contact the DPRG.

 Front Range Neuroscience Group 2016 Annual Meeting

​December 7th, at CSU's Lory Student Center
Registration opens at 9:30 AM - ends at 6:30 PM
Contact for presentation deadlines and registration information. 4

 Affect Seminar

Bob Emde
September-May, 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of the month 12:00-1:30PM Room 304/305 in Ben Nighthorse Campbell Building.

 Child Grand Rounds

September-June, Every Friday, 12:30-1:30, Mt. Oxford Room,Children's Hospital 2nd Floor Conference Center
Child Grand Rounds Schedule

 Pediatric Mental Health Institute Grand Rounds

PMHI Grand Rounds schedule:
PMHI GR 2016-2017 Calendar.pdfPMHI GR 2016-2017 Calendar.pdf
12:00-1:00 pm
Denver Room, Gary Pavilion, Children's Hospital


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