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Department of Psychiatry

Department of Psychology

Developmental Psychobiology Research Group

  • DPRG is a group of researchers who meet regularly to share their ideas and knowledge with the goals of mutual stimulation, collaboration and support. Twice monthly, DPRG members present their ideas and work, which may include anything from the initial broad strokes of a project to the final summaries of a completed study. The meetings also provide a forum for presentations by visiting researchers.

  • The group would like to invite new participants, including graduate and postdoctoral students, staff and faculty. Members come from any of the educational and research institutions in the Denver area and front range. Members are psychologists, physicians, and biologists, as well as members of other disciplines who are engaged in research related to developmental processes. 

  • The DPRG is able to fund small grants for its members, typically as seed money to explore new ideas and for supplemental funds for continuing projects.  The only requirement for becoming a DPRG member is attendance at 50% of the meetings within any 12 month period.  Funds are awarded on a competitive basis. Fellowships, funded by the NIMH, are awarded annually to postdoctoral students who wish to work with DPRG faculty members. 

For more information or to be placed on the mailing list, please e-mail the DPRG administrative office at


Ken MacLean, PhD, Executive Committee Director

Don Rojas, PhD, Executive Committee Member

Christian Hopfer, MD, Executive Committee Member

Benjamin Mullin, PhD, Executive Committee Member

Ann Reynolds, MD, Executive Committee Member

Kristina Legget, PhD, Executive Committee Member

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