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Biological Basis of Psychiatric and Neurological Disorders

NRSC 7614 - Spring 2018

Department of Psychiatry and Neuroscience Program

Jason Tregellas, PhD, Course Director

NRSC 7614 2018 schedule v0.pdfNRSC 7614 2018 schedule, updated 1/23/2018.pdf

Reading Materials

The suggested reading materials below are an educational resource for faculty and students taking NRSC 7614. 

Viral Pathogenesis in the CNS, David Beckham, M.D.

Foy et al., 2011

Prion Disease, Patrick Bosque, M.D.

Goedert, 2015​       

Sleep Effects on Cognitive Dysfunction, Brice McConnell, M.D., Ph.D.

Mander et al., 2016​

Parkinson's Disease, Brian Berman, M.D.

Poewe et al., 2017​

Alzheimer's Disease, Christopher Filley, M.D.

Livingston et al., 2017​