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Division of Clinical Psychology

About our Program

The internship training program is based on a scientist-practitioner model of education and training. Within this model, we aim to train students who will make contributions to the field of psychology and to general human welfare, either in the scientific domain, the practice domain or both. Graduates recognize that psychological practice is based on the science of psychology, which is influenced by the professional practice of psychology. The UCD internship training program requires a high level of energy, an openness to new experiences, an eagerness to learn, and the ability to develop and maintain effective working relationships with a diverse group of supervisors, trainees, staff, and patients. Throughout the training year, interns are exposed to and work with faculty who serve as scientist-practitioner role models, as well as faculty who have adopted a more exclusively practitioner role. We believe that this exposure to a variety of role models provides the best real-world clinical training, as well as exposure to the excitement and challenge of integrating scientific inquiry with clinical practice.