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Department of Psychiatry


The Department is one of the largest psychiatry departments in the United States, with 167 full-time and 366 volunteer faculty members. Our residency program also ranks among the largest programs, with 45 residents and over a dozen fellows. Recently, the Department was ranked 13th in the nation for research funding. We receive residency and faculty applications from across the country, and our graduates successfully obtain positions in our peer departments. Many of our faculty have positions of leadership in national organizations.

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Adams, HeatherDr. Heather AdamsAssistant Professor
Dr. Adams is Assistant Professor and an attending in the inpatient and partial day treatment programs at Children's Hospital Colorado.
Allen, MichaelMichael H. Allen, MDProfessor
Dr. Allen is interested in bipolar disorder, suicide, and emergency psychiatry.
Ashby, BethanyDr. Bethany AshbyAssistant Professor
Dr. Ashby is Assistant Professor in Psychiatry and Obstetrics/Gynecology.
Beresford, ThomasThomas P. Beresford, MDProfessor
Dr. Beresford is interested in conducting research on substance dependence and the physiological responses to psychopharmacological treatments.
Blakeley-Smith, AudreyAudrey Blakeley-Smith, PhDAssociate Professor
Dr. Blakeley-Smith is interested in autism spectrum disorders in children and adolescents.
Booth, RobertRobert Booth, PhDProfessor
Dr. Booth is interested in HIV and HEP C prevention research.
Brenner, LisaActing Director, VA VISN 19 Mental Illness Research Education and Clinical Center (MIRECC)/Director of Education, VISN 19 MIRECC
Dr. Brenner's clinical and research interests lie in suicide prevention, TBI and PTSD.
Browne, JoyJoy Browne, PhDClinical Professor, Department of Pediatrics
Dr. Browne is interested in physiologic and neurobehavioral responses to environment and caregiving in high risk infants, the effects of long term hospitalization on the infant and family,  evaluation of the effects of a supportive program for infants and families, as well as transitioning from NICU to home neurobehavioral regulation in infancy.
Buchanan, CindyDr. Cindy BuchananAssociate Professor
Dr. Buchanan is Associate Professor, Departments of Psychiatry and Surgery.
Buchholz, MelissaMelissa B. Buchholz, PsyDAssistant Professor
Dr. Buchholz is interested in pediatric primary care, co-location - pediatrics and mental health as well as standardized developmental screening.
Carter, DebbieDebbie R. Carter, MDAssociate Professor
Dr. Carter is interested in individual play therapy fundamentals, systems of care, consulting to mental health agencies/early childhood settings, young child psychopharmacology, and the assessment/treatment of pregnant mothers with comorbid conditions.
Cook, MaryMary Cook, MDAssociate Professor
Dr. Cook is interested in anxiety and disruptive behavior disorders.
Coors, MarilynMarilyn E. Coors, PhDAssociate Professor
Dr. Coors is interested in ethical issues in biomedical research.
Corsi, KarenKaren Corsi, ScD, MPHAssociate Professor
Dr. Corsi is interested in substance dependence and public health.
Crowley, ThomasThomas J. Crowley, MDProfessor Emeritus
Dr. Crowley’s group has established a program, unique in the nation, to simultaneously treat and study adolescents with substance dependence (SD) and conduct disorder (CD).
Davies, RobertRobert D. Davies, MDAssociate Professor
Dr. Davies is interested in mood and anxiety disorders, non-traditional interventions for adolescent substance abuse (including martial arts), as well as resident and medical student education.
Davis, RachelAssistant Professor
Dr. Davis is the Medical Director of the AMC Student Mental Health Service.  Her interests include student mental health, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and emergency psychiatry.
Donahue, AmyDr. Amy BeckerAssistant Professor
Dr. Donahue is Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Colorado School of Medicine.
Du, YipingYiping P. Du, PhDProfessor
Dr. Du is is interested in the methodological development of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) techniques in the applications of mental disorders.
Fenton, LynneLynn Fenton, MDAssistant Professor
Dr. Fenton is interested in psychotherapy, psychopharmacology, and student mental health.
Frank, GuidoGuido K. W. Frank, MDAssociate Professor
Dr. Frank is interested in functional neuroimaging, and how the human brain function develops, differs or is similar in youth compared to adults.
Frankel, KarenKaren A. Frankel, PhDAssociate Professor
Dr. Frankel is interested in infant and early childhood mental health services, child abuse and neglect, child trauma therapy, diagnosis and the DC:0-3R diagnostic classification system, and consultation to child care facilities, and infant and toddler behavioral medicine.
Freedman, RobertRobert Freedman, MDProfessor and Former Chairman
Dr. Freedman is interested in the central nervous system physiology and pharmacology, genetics, schizophrenia.
Gabriels, RobinProfessor
Dr. Gabriels is interested in diagnostic assessment and treatment of youth with autism spectrum disorder and co-existing psychiatric disorders. Her research focuses on evaluating the outcomes of animal-assisted interventions for the ASD population.
Gaensbauer, TheodoreTheodore J. Gaensbauer, MDClinical Professor
Dr. Gaensbauer is interested in abused and neglected children along with parent-child attachment.
Gaipa, KennethKen Gaipa, LCSW, LAC MACSenior Instructor
Senior Instructor for the Department of Psychiatry at UC School of Medicine, Division of Substance Dependence, ARTS program.
Giese, AlexisAlexis A. Giese, MDProfessor
Dr. Giese is interested in clinical services and administration, program evaluation/consultation, public psychiatry.
Gutierrez, Peter MPeter M. Gutierrez, PhDProfessor
Dr. Gutierrez' areas of specialization and research interests: Suicide risk factors, assessment, and prevention. Young adult suicidality. Cultural validity of assessment tools and suicide risk models. Scale development and psychometric evaluation.
Hagman, JenniferJennifer Hagman, MDProfessor
Dr. Hagman is interested in eating disorders treatment and research.
Harris, JosetteJosette Harris, PhDProfessor
Dr. Harris is interested in neuropsychology and neuropsychological testing.
Heiman, NoaDr. Noa HeimanAssistant Professor
Dr. Heiman's interests include psychodynamic theory and technique, trauma theory and treatment, psychological testing, advancing psychological awareness in medical environments, and student mental health.
Hepburn, SusanSusan L. Hepburn, PhDAssociate Professor
Dr. Hepburn is interested in the assessment and treatment of autism in children and adolescents.
Heru, AlisonAlison Heru, MDProfessor and Former Interim Chair
Dr. Heru specializes in psychosomatic medicine, having a long standing interest in practicing and teaching family therapy as part of a biopsychosocial approach to patient care.
Hopfer, ChristianChristian Hopfer, MDProfessor
Dr. Hopfer is interested in substance use disorders and comorbidity in adolescents as well as behavioral genetics.
Kelsay, KimberlyKimberly Kelsay, MDAssociate Professor
Dr. Kelsay is interested in the use of story stem narratives in the assessment of young children as well as the psychiatric treatment of medically ill and asthmatic children.
Laudenslager, MarkMark L. Laudenslager, PhDProfessor
Dr. Laudenslager is interested in the physiological response to stress and developmental psychobiology.
Law, AmandaDr. Amanda LawProfessor, Dr. Nancy L. Gary Endowed Chair of Children's Mental Disorders Research
Dr. Law’s translational research program focuses on the developmental mechanisms underlying genetic and environmental risk for schizophrenia with the aim of identifying novel biological pathways for treatment development.
Legget, KristinaAssistant Professor
Lurie, SusanSusan Lurie, MDAssociate Professor
Dr. Lurie is interested in the treatment and research of anxiety disorders.
Maharajh, KeeranDr. Keeran MaharajhAssistant Clinical Professor
Dr. Maharajh is interested in neuroscience training and related research.
Martin, LauraLaura F. Martin, MDAssociate Professor
Dr. Martin is interested in schizophrenia, biological psychiatry, and nicotine.
Martinez, RichardRichard Martinez, MD, MHRobert D. Miller Endowed Professor of Psychiatry & Law
Dr. Martinez is interested in forensic psychiatry as wel as medical ethics and humanities.
Mikulich-Gilbertson, SusanSusan K. Mikulich-Gilbertson, PhDProfessor
Dr. Mikulich-Gilberton is interested in applying and teaching appropriate methods of statistical analyses for medical data, in particular longitudinal data analyses geared at trajectories of substance use and co-occurring disorders.
Morris, ChadChad D. Morris, PhDProfessor
Dr. Morris is interested in bipolar disorder, tobacco use and smoke cessation, and training in administation and evaluation psychology.
Mullin,BenjaminDr. Benjamin MullinAssistant Professor
Dr. Mullin is Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychiatry.
Novins, DouglasDr. Douglas NovinsProfessor
Dr. Novins is interested in telemedicine as well as substance abuse and mental health treatment services for Native American Indian adolescents.
Nussbaum, AbrahamAssociate Professor
Dr. Nussbaum is Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at UCSOM and Director of Adult Inpatient Psychiatry at the Denver Health Medical Center.
Olincy, AnnAnn Olincy, MDAssociate Professor
Dr. Olincy's interests center on schizophrenia, particularly the associated cognitive deficits, the neurological effects of nicotine in schizophrenia, and the genetics of the disorder.
Olson-Madden, JenniferJennifer H. Olson-Madden, PhDAssistant Professor
Dr. Olson-Madden research interests are in Traumatic Brain Injury and comorbidities; Suicidality among Veterans and Military Personnel; Treatment development and implementation for co-occurring TBI and psychiatric disorders.
Paterson, ClareAssistant Professor
Dr. Paterson is Assistant Professor in the Dept. of Psychiatry.
Paul, JenniferJennifer J. Paul, PhDAssistant Professor
Dr. Paul is interested in infant and early childhood assessment, child abuse and neglect, postpartum depression, parent-infant psychotherapy, and infant mental health consultation.
Rapp,Erica KirstenAssistant Professor
Dr. Rapp is interested in medical student and resident education as well as neuropsychiatry.
Reaven, JudithJudith A. Reaven, PhDAssociate Professor
Dr. Reaven is interested in the treatment of anxiety symptoms of children and adolescents with autism spectrum disorders.
Riggs, PaulaProfessor
Dr. Riggs is interested in the development and testing of evidence-based integrated treatment for SUD, psychiatric comorbidity, behavioral and psychosoical problems in adolescents - Integrated Treatment for Teens (ITT).
Ritvo, AlexisAssistant Professor
My professional interests are psychotherapy, teaching, and improving health systems and policies.
Ritvo, JonathanJonathan Ritvo, MDClinical Professor
Dr. Ritvo is interested in addiction psychiatry.
Rojas, DonDonald C. Rojas, PhDAdjunct Associate Professor
Dr. Rojas is interested in neurodevelopmental disorders such as autism, and childhood-onset psychotic disorders.
Rosenberg, StevenSteven A. Rosenberg, PhDAssociate Professor
Dr. Rosenberg is interested in children with developmental delays and special needs, psychotherapy, and systems of care.
Rothberg, BrianBrian Rothberg, MDAssociate Professor
Dr. Rothberg is interested in group psychotherapy.
Sakai, JosephJoseph T. Sakai, MDAssociate Professor
Associate Professor for the Department of Psychiatry at UC School of Medicine, Division of Substance Dependence.
Savin, DanDaniel Savin, MDProfessor
Dr. Savin is interested in recovery from trauma and working with refugees and immigrant groups.
Schneck, ChristopherChristopher Schneck, MDAssociate Professor
Dr. Schneck is interested in bipolar disorder research and treatment.
Shire, JanSenior Clinical Instructor
Ms. Shire is interested in treatment of sleep disorders, anxiety disorders and student mental health.
Shore, JayJames (Jay) H. Shore, MDProfessor
Dr. Jay Shore is interested in telepsychiatry and cross-cultural psychiatry.
Stoddard, JoelAssistant Professor
Dr. Stoddard is interested in understanding and developing evidence-based therapies for emotional problems, such as severe irritability, that affect children and adolescents.  He applies neuroscience in his work advancing prevention and therapeutics.
Talmi, AyeletAssociate Professor
Dr. Talmi is interested in integrated mental health services in pediatric primary care, babies and young children with special health care and developmental needs, health outcomes research, and early childhood system/policy issues.
Thomas, MarshallMarshall R. Thomas, MDProfessor
Dr. Thomas is interested in health services research and integrated care.
Traut, CarolAssistant Professor & Program Director of Addiction Psychiatry Fellowship
Dr Traut is the program director for the addition psychiatry fellowship program.
Tregellas, JasonJason R. Tregellas, PhDAssociate Professor
Dr. Tregellas is Director of the Brain Imaging Center.  He is interested in the neurobiology of schizophrenia, neurobiology of eating behaviors, and brain imaging.
Vest, KevinSenior Instructor & Associate Program Director of Psychiatry Residency Program
Dr. Vest is Senior Clinical Instructor at the Veterans Hospital and Associate Program Director for the Residency program.
Wamboldt, MarianneMarianne Z. Wamboldt, MDProfessor
Dr. Wamboldt is interested in the treatment and research of physically ill children and family therapy.
Weintraub, PhilippePhilippe Weintraub, MDAssociate Professor
Dr. Weintraub's interests include medical education, consultation liaison psychiatry, global mental health, and treatment of adolescent depression.
Whitmore, ElizabethAssociate Professor
Assoicate Professor for the Department of Psychiatry at UC School of Medicine, Division of Substance Dependence.
Williams, JasonJason Williams, PsyD, MS EdAssociate Professor
Dr. Williams is interested in disruptive behavior, interdisciplinary training, use of technology for clinical and teaching applications and advocacy.
Wortzel, Hal SHal S. Wortzel, MDAssociate Professor
Dr. Wortzel is interested in Aggression and suicide in context of TBI and PTSD.  Forensic applications of emerging neuroimaging techniques.
Yager, JoelJoel Yager, MDProfessor
Dr. Yager is interested in IPT, Psychotherapy, Eating Disorders, Mood Disorders, Medical Education, Practice Guidelines and Professional Development.
Young, SusanSusan E. Young, PhDAssociate Professor
Associate Professor of the Department of Psychiatry