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Ayelet Talmi, PhD

Associate Professor

Contact Info:

Children's Hospital Colorado
Phone: 720-777-6670
Email: Dr. Talmi

Clinical/Research Interests:
Dr. Talmi is interested in integrated mental health services in pediatric primary care, babies and young children with special health care and developmental needs, health outcomes research, and early childhood system/policy issues.
Secondary Appointment: Pediatrics

State of New York University at Binghampton  BA  1994    Summa Cum Laude 

University of Denver  MA  1997

University of Denver  PhD  2001

Member, Developmental Psychobiology Research Group, Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences, University of Colorado Denver, 2002-present

Member, BLOOM Professional Developmental Committee, Department of Pediatrics, 2005-2008

Member, Early Childhood Systems Integration Task Force, Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, 2005-2009

Member, Medical Home Advisory Task Force, Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, 2006-2011

Member, Assuring Better Child Health and Development (ABCD) State Team, 2007-2015

Member, Healthy Mothers Colorado Task Force, 2008-2009 

Member, Maternal Infant Early Childhood Home Visiting (MIECHV) State Advisory Group, Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, 2011-present

Board Member and Secretary (2014-present), Colorado Children's Healthcare Access Program (CCHAP), 2012-present

Review and Referee Work:

  • Zero to Three Press (ad hoc reviewer), 2003
  • Infant Mental Health Journal (ad hoc reviewer), 2004-present
  • Journal of Pediatric Psychology (ad hoc reviewer), 2005-present
  • Clinical Practice in Pediatric Psychology (ad hoc reviewer), 2013-present
  • Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (ad hoc reviewer), 2017-present


  • Society for Research in Child Development, 1995-2001, 2008-2009
  • American Psychological Association, 2000-2009
  • World Association for Infant Mental Health, 2001-present
  • Colorado Psychological Association, 2003-present
  • Colorado Association for Infant Mental Health, 2003-present [President-elect (2005–2007), President (2007–2009)]
  • Soceity of Pediatric Psychology, 2013-present


Selected Publications:

Shirk, S. R., Talmi, A., Olds, D. L. (2000). A developmental psychopathology perspective on child and adolescent intervention policy. Development and Psychopathology, 12, 835-855.

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Kelsay, K., Bunik, M., Buchholz, M., Burnett, B., & Talmi, A. (2017). Incorporating development into a multidisciplinary training model for integrated behavioral health within a pediatric continuity clinic. Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Clinics. Published online July 21, 2017 (ahead of print). DOI:

Co-Principal Investigator, Increasing Access to Behavioral Health Screening and Support in Aurora, BUILD 2.0, The BUILD Health Challenge, $550,00, 08/01/17 – 07/31/19

Principal Investigator, First 1,000 Days: Targeted Intervention, Caring for Colorado, $97,657, 03/01/17 – 02/28/18

Principal Investigator, First 1,000 Days, Rose Community Foundation, $209,000, 01/01/17 – 12/31/19

Co-Principal Investigator, Expanding Behavioral Health Treatment for Young Mothers, Denver Foundation Colorado Health Access Fund, $420,000, 06/01/16 – 05/31/19

Principal Investigator, First 1,000 Days, The Colorado Health Foundation, $308,700, 06/01/16 – 05/31/18

Principal Investigator, Integration of Behavioral Health in Pediatric Settings, Community First Foundation, $1,640,500, 10/06/15 – 05/31/18