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Jonathan I. Ritvo, MD

       Jonathan I. Ritvo, MD


Center for Dependence, Addiction and Rehabilitation (CeDAR), 1st Floor

Phone:  720-848-3000

EmailDr. Ritvo 


Jonathan I. Ritvo, MD

Clinical Professor



Positions and Employment:

Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, University of Colorado School of Medicine, 2007-present

Medical Director, Center for Dependence, Addiction and Rehabilitation (CeDAR), University of Colorado Hospital, 2007-present

Medical Director, Substance Use Disorders Service, Outpatient Behavioral Health Services, Denver Health Medical Center (DHMC), 1998-2007

Training Director, Addiction Psychiatry (PGY-5) Residency Program, University of   Colorado Health Sciences Center (UCHSC), 1995-2008

Advanced Physician Specialist, Denver General Hospital/Denver Health Medical Center (DGH/DHMC), 1992-2007

Clinical Affiliate, University of Denver, School of Professional Psychology, 1991-1994

Medical Director, Inpatient Addiction Psychiatry Service 4-East, DGH/DHMC, 1989

Attending, Psychiatric Consultation Service, DGH/DHMC, 1989-1998

Clinical Associate Professor of Psychiatry, University of Colorado School of Medicine, 1988-2007

Director, Psychiatric Emergency and Consultation Service, DGH, 1984-1989

Psychiatrist II, DGH, 1982-1992

Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, University of Colorado School of Medicine, 1979-1988

Ward Chief, Adult Psychiatric Inpatient Service 4-West, DGH, 1978-1984

Psychiatrist I, DGH, 1978-1982

Instructor in Psychiatry, University of Colorado School of Medicine,1978-1979

Resident, Dept. of Psychiatry, University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, Denver CO, 1975-1978

Emergency Room Physician, Anna Jaques Hospital, Newburyport, MA, 1974-1975

Emergency Room Physician, Morton Hospital, Taunton, MA, 1974

Temporary General Medical Officer, Indian Health Service, Sacaton, AZ and Fort Yates, ND, 1974

Clinical Associate in Medicine, Harvard Medical School, 1973-1974

Intern, Dept. of Internal Medicine, Beth Israel Hospital, Boston MA, 1973-1974

Premedical Adviser, Dunster House, Harvard College 1972-1974



Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association, 1990

Distinguished Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association, 2003

Listed: 5280 Denver’s Mile High Magazine Denver’s Top Doctors, Addiction Psychiatry, October, 2004, October, 2007,  October 2008, October 2009


Teaching Activities:

Course Leader year-long hospital psychiatry seminar for PGY III psychiatric residents, 1978-1983 - leading seminar sessions on differential diagnosis of organic brain syndromes, use of antipsychotic medications, management of schizophrenia, management of mania, the special patient, large inpatient groups and community meetings, use of seclusion and restraint, drug abuse

Clinical supervisor for outpatient psychotherapy for one PGY II resident, 1978-1980

Clinical supervisor for inpatient psychiatry for 2-4 PGY III residents, 1977-1984,1994

Clinical supervisor for consultation psychiatry for one PGY IV resident, 1984-1990; 4 residents, 1990-1998

Clinical supervisor for 1-2 PGY I or II residents, addiction psychiatry service, 1989-2007

Section instructor, 2nd year medical student human behavior course, 1987-1992

"Eating Disorders" three seminar sessions for PGY IV residents, 1989-1992

Consultation Psychiatry Course; 2 seminars on substance abuse for PGY III residents, 1992- 1998

Course Director, Addiction Psychiatry Reading Seminar for PGY -V addiction residents, leading seminars on dual diagnosis, relapse prevention, nicotine, natural history of alcoholism, brain reward mechanisms, and motivational interviewing, 1995 - 2008

Clinical supervisor, PGY-V Addiction Resident: consultation service, 1996-1997; inpatient service, 1996-present; outpatient service, 1998-present.

Teaching Faculty, Introduction to Addiction Course for PGY-5 addiction residents, 1998-2007

Teaching Faculty, 12-Step Recovery Seminar for PGY-5 addiction residents 2006


Clinical Activities:

Attending and Medical Director, CeDAR, University of Colorado Hospital, 2007-present

Private practice of psychiatry (1978- present) and addiction psychiatry (1994-present)



Peer-Reviewed Publications:

Ritvo, J.I., Park C.”The Psychiatric Management of Patients with Alcohol Dependence” Current Treatment Opinions in Neurology 9:381-392, 2007

Ritvo, J.I., Koonce, R., Thurstone, C.C., Causey III, H.L.  “Tramadol Dependence: Treatment with Buprenorphine/Naloxone” American Journal on Addictions 16:67-68, 2007 (letter to the editor)

Greenberg, WM, Ritvo, JI, Fazzio, L. et al., “A Survey of Addiction Training Programming in Psychiatry Residencies”  Academic Psychiatry 26 (2): 105-109, 2002

Gomez, H.F., Brent, J.A., Munoz, D.C., Mimmack, R.F., Ritvo, J.I. et. al. “Charcoal Stercolith with Intestinal Perforation in a Patient Treated for Amitriptyline Ingestion” Journal of Emergency Medicine 12 (1):  39-60, 1994.

Ritvo, J.I.  "Staffing Patterns and the Weekly Cycle of Community Meetings on an Adult Inpatient Unit" Hospital and Community Psychiatry, 33:  384-385, 1982.