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Judith A. Reaven, PhD

Associate Professor

Contact Info:

Education II South Bldg.Rm. 5125
Phone: 303-724- 7646
Email: Dr. Reaven​

Clinical/Research Interests:
Dr. Reaven is interested in the treatment of anxiety symptoms of children and adolescents with autism spectrum disorders.​
Secondary Appointment: Pediatrics

Vanderbilt University  BA  1980

University of Missouri-Columbia  MA & PhD  1985

Advisory Board Member, Developmental Pathways, Denver, CO, 1988-1986                  

Board of Directors, Autism Society of Colorado, 2001-2006

Member Autism Task Force of the Colorado, Department of Education, 2003-Present             

American Psychological Association (APA), 1985 – present           

Autism Society of America, 1998 – present           

Autism Society of Colorado, 1998 -  present            

NADD: An association for persons with developmental disabilities and mental health needs, 2000 – present           

Association of Behavior and Cognitive Therapy (ABCT), 2004 -  present           

International Society for Autism Research, 2004 – present 

5U01DD000180-04 CDC/CDPHE  Lisa Miller – (PI), 09/30/06 – 9/29/11, 8% Effort         

Alliance for Research in Child Health and Epidemiology State Autism Monitoring Project; Colorado Centers for Excellence in Autism and Other Developmental Disabilities.  The major goals of this study are: (1) to participate in a nationwide surveillance study of the prevalence of autism spectrum disorders; (2) to conduct a case-control study of potential etiological factors associated with autism; and (3) to assess anxiety symptoms in children 8-16 with autism spectrum disorders. 

Role: Consultant


PN200509-047  Organization Autism Research – Judy Reaven (PI), 01/01/06 – 12/31/06                                                        

Group CBT Intervention for Children with High-Functioning PDD’s and Anxiety Symptoms.  The major goals of this study are:  (1) manualize a CBT intervention package for parents, children, and facilitators; (2) conduct three 12-14 week groups and deliver intervention; (3) develop tools for maintaining fidelity of intervention; (4) conduct assessments before, during and after treatment and report preliminary findings.

Role: PI   


#5023 Cure Autism Now – Judy Reaven (PI),  04/28/06 – 04/28/09                        

Group CBT Intervention for Children with High-Functioning PDDs and Anxiety Symptoms.  The major goals of this study are to refine the CBT manual and treatment fidelity measures, to refine the measurement strategies for assessing efficacy of the intervention, and to conduct a small, randomized controlled trial of the manualized intervention.

Role: PI


ATN-CRT-07-02  Corry Robinson (PI), 01/28/08-12/31/10,  1% Effort

CAN/Autism Speaks

“Autism Treatment Network”

In collaboration with The Children’s Hospital, JFK Partners is a participant in the cooperative multi-center program for comprehensive care clinics, serving persons with autism.

Role: Consultant


#2958  Autism Speaks – Judy Reaven (PI), 07/01/08 – 6/30/10, 5% Effort

Group CBT intervention for Adolescents with High-Functioning ASDs and Anxiety Symptoms.  The major goals of this study are to modify the CBT manual for use for an adolescent population and to examine initial efficacy of the treatment. 

Role: PI


1R21MH089291-01  NIH -  Judy Reaven (PI), 09/30/09 – 8/31/11, 40% Effort

Purpose of this multi-site study is to train outpatient clinicians to fidelity on an original, manualized group CBT intervention for 8-14 year old children with high-functioning ASD and anxiety, and to develop an optimal training model for clinicians delivering the intervention, by comparing three different instruction methods for learning the intervention.

Role: PI


1 R40MC15593-01-00 HRSA MCHB – Susan Hepburn (PI),  09/01/09 – 8/31/11, 28% Effort

The purpose of this study is to modify a manualized group CBT intervention for 8-14 year old children with high-functioning ASD and anxiety using telehealth strategies, to serve individuals in underserved communities in Colorado. 

Role: Co-Investigator


07-FHA-00035 Corry Robinson (PI) - Autism Surveillance, 09/01/06 – 05/31/10, 10% Effort

CDPHE Subcontract                                                             

The Autism and Developmental Disabilities Monitoring (ADDM) Network is the largest multi-site collaboration to monitor ASDs in the United States. Its mission is aimed at achieving multiple goals: To obtain as complete a count as possible of the number of children with an ASD in each project area; To report comparable, population-based ASD prevalence estimates from different sites and to determine if these rates are changing over time; To study whether autism is more common in some groups of children than in others; and To provide data to characterize the ASD population.

Role:  Investigator

DD0632/01 Corry Robinson (PI), 07/01/07 - -06/30/12, 2% Effort

University Centers for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities Education, Research, and Service Core.

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families, Administration on Developmental Disabilities.        

Core support as a University Center of Excellence in Developmental Disabilities Education, Research, and Service.

Role:  Director of Autism Research and Developmental Disabilities Clinic