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Yiping P. Du, PhD


Contact Info:

Bldg.400, Rm. 109
Phone: 303-724-1717
Email:  Dr. Du

Clinical/Research Interests:
Dr. Du is is interested in the methodological development of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) techniques in the applications of mental disorders.​
Secondary Appointment: Radiology

Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China  BS  1982

Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China  ME  1987

University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah  MS  1991

University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah  1994

Selected Peer-Reviewed Publications:

Reeder SB, Du YP, Lima JA, Bluemke DA, “Advanced cardiac MR imaging of ischemic heart disease”, Radiographics, 2001;21:1047-74.

Du YP, McVeigh ER, Bluemke DA, Silber HA, Foo TKF, “A comparison of prospective and retrospective respiratory navigator gating in 3D MR coronary angiography”, Interntl J Cardiac Imaging, 2001;17:287-94.

Silber HA, Bluemke DA, Ouyang P, Du YP,  Post WS, Lima JAC, "The Relationship between Vascular Wall Shear Stress and Flow-Mediated Dilation: Endothelial Function Assessed by Phase-Contrast Magnetic Resonance Angiography", J Am College Cardiology, 2001;38:1859-65.

Du W, Du YP, Bick U, Fan X, MacEneany PM, Zamora MA, Medved M, Karczmar GS, “High Spectral and Spatial Resolution MR Imaging of Breast”, Radiology, 2002;224:577-85.

Du YP, Zhou XJ, Bernstein MA, “Correction of Concomitant Magnetic Field-Induced Image Artifacts in non-axial echo-planar imaging”, Magn Reson Med, 2002;48:509-15.

Karczmar GS, Du W, Medved M, Bick U, MacEneaney P, Du YP, Fan X, Zamora M, Lipton M.  "Spectrally inhomogeneous effects of contrast agents in breast lesions detected by high spectral and spatial resolution MRI", Academic Radiology, 2002;S2:S352-4.

Du YP. Prospective Navigator Gating With A Dual Acceptance Window Technique To Reduce Respiratory Motion Artifacts In 3D MR Coronary Angiography. Int. J. Cardiac Imaging2003;19:157-62.

Du W, Du YP, Fan X, Zamora MA, Karczmar GS. Reduction of spectral ghost artifacts in high resolution echo-planar spectroscopic imaging of water and fat resonances. Magn Reson Med. 2003;49:1113-20.

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Du YP, Dalwani M, Wylie K, Claus E, Tregellas JR. Reducing Susceptibility Artifacts in fMRI Using Volume-Selective Z-Shim Compensation. Magn Reson Med2007;57:396-404.

Tregellas JR, Davalos DB, Rojas DC, Waldo MC, Gibson L, Wylie K, Du YP, Freedman R, Increased Hemodynamic Response in the Hippocampus, Thalamus and Prefrontal Cortex During Abnormal Sensory Gating in Schizophrenia, Schizophrenia Research, 2007;92:262-72.

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Du YP, Chu R, Hwang D, Brown MS, Kleinschmidt-DeMasters BK, Simon JH. Fast multi-slice mapping of the myelin water fraction using multi-compartment analysis of T2* relaxation at 3 Tesla – A preliminary post-mortem study. Magn Reson Med2007;58:865-70.

Filbey FM, Claus E, Audette AR, Niculescu M, Banich MT, Tanabe J, Du, YP, Hutchison KE. Exposure to the Taste of Alcohol Elicits Robust Activation of the Mesocorticolimbic Neurocircuitry. Neuropsychopharmacology2008;33:1391-401.

Du YP, Jin Z. Simultaneous acquisition of MR angiography and venography (MRAV). Magn Reson Med2008;59:954-8.

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Tregellas JR, Olincy A, Johnson L, Tanabe J, Shatti S. Martin LF, Singel D, Du YP, Soti F, Kem WR, Freedman R. Functional magnetic resonance imaging of the effects of a nicotinic agonist in schizophrenia. Neuropsychopharmacology. 2010;35:938-42.

Burgess GC, Depue BE, Ruzic L, Willcutt EG, Du YP, Banich MT. Attentional control activation relates to working memory in attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, Biological Psychiatry. 2010;67:632-40.

Hwang D, Kim D, Du YP. In vivo multislice mapping of myelin water content using T2* decay. Neuroimage, in press.

Grants and Contracts:

1 P50 MH086383-01 (Freedman)  08/01/2009-07/31/2014          

NIH/NIMH Conte Center Grant                                       

Basic to Clinical Molecular Neurobiology of Nicotinic Receptors in Schizophrenia

This proposed Center studies the effects of polymorphisms in genes related to schizophrenia, such as CHRNA7, on a variety of phenotypes associated with the illness. These phenotypes include the expression of CHRNA7 and other genes in post mortem brain, the function of olfactory neurons, the hemodynamic response of brain to complex stimuli, and sensory gating abnormalities in adults and in infants at risk for schizophrenia. The aim of the neuroimaging project is to examine the degree to which genetic variation in CHRNA7 influences cognitive function and brain activation in humans as assessed by functional MRI (fMRI). This subcontract provides responsibility for the stable functioning of the magnet, for aid in creation and implementation of pulse sequences and quality control of images on this brain mapping project.


Core Co-PI, (M. Banich, PI)  02/2008-01/2013.

NIMH, P50 MH079485

Determinants of Executive Function and Dysfunction, Center grant                                                     

This center grant uses behavioral, fMRI, EEG, and computational methods to examine the neurobiological, psychological and computational underpinnings of Executive Function. The center consists of 5 projects that examine different aspects or influences on executive function (control processes, learning and memory, emotion, development, and genetics. This subcontract core provides responsibility for the stable functioning of the magnet, for optimization of imaging protocol and for aid in creation and implementation of pulse sequences and quality control of images on this brain mapping project.


Subcontract PI, (M. Banich, PI)  08/2004 – 08/2009

RO1 MH070037-01, NIMH                                        

Brain Mapping and genetics of Executive Function in ADHD

This study investigates the neuronal substrate of attentional function in patients with ADHD using fMRI. This subcontract provides responsibility for the stable functioning of the magnet, for aid in creation and implementation of pulse sequences and quality control of images on this brain mapping project.


Co-investigator, (T. Crowley, PI)  06/2007-05/2012

Study Section, NIDA, DA009842.                              

Child Psychopathology and Developmental Disabilities

The objective of this research is to better understand whether substances diminish the capacity to inhibit behavior by altering brain processing of risky decisions, or do pre-existing, anatomically-based variations of brain processing produce risk-taking propensities, or both.


Pilot grant (Du)  02/2009-01/2011

Colorado Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute 

Detection of Micro-hemorrhage in Traumatic Brain Injury Using Magnetic Resonance Imaging

The goal of this pilot grant is to investigate the feasibility of using MR susceptibility weighted imaging technique to detect micro-hemorrhage in military personnel recently returned from the battle fields in Iraq and Afghanistan and who have symptoms of traumatic brain injury.