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Thomas P. Beresford, MD


​Contact Info:

Veterans Administration Medical Center

EmailDr. Beresford 

Clinical/Research Interests:

Dr. Beresford is interested in conducting research on substance dependence and the physiological responses to psychopharmacological treatments.


Stanford University  BA  1969

University of Colorado  MD  1973

Boston College  MA  1978​

Ad Hoc Reviewer, Metabolic Pathology Study Section, NIH, 1992-84 

Ad Hoc Reviewer, Metabolic Pathology Study Section, NIH, 2007-09 
SOM representative, University Planning and Accreditation Committee, UCD, 2008-present  ​ 

Selected Peer-Reviewed Publications:

1.  Beresford, T.P., Low, D., Hall, R.C.W.:  Patients Who Refuse Study:  A Bias Factor In Alcoholism Prevalence Research.  Current Controversies in Alcoholism, 2:17-22, 1983.

2.  Beresford, T.P., et al:  Comparison of CAGE Questionnaire and Computer-Assisted Laboratory Profiles in Screening for Covert Alcoholism, The Lancet.  (336), 482-485, 1990.

3.  Beresford TP, et al:  When is an Alcoholic an Alcoholic, Alc & Alcism, Suppl.1:487-488, 1991.

4.  McCurry, KR, Baliga, P, Merion, RM, Ham, JM, Lucey, MR, Beresford, TP, Campbell, DA:  Liver Transplantation For Alcoholic Cirrhosis:  Resource Utilization and Outcome.  Archives of Surgery, 1992.

5.  Lucey, MR, Merion, RM, Henley, KS, Campbell, DS, Nostrant, TT, Blow, FC, and Beresford TP.  The Selection For and Outcome Of Liver Transplant in Alcoholic Liver Disease.  Gastroenterology, 1992.

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7.   Schwarz, J, Speed, N, Gross, M, Beresford, TP:  Acute Effects Of Alcohol Administration On Regional Cerebral Blood Flow.  Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research, 1993.

8.  Lucey, ML, Beresford, TP: Can We Triage Alcoholics With Liver Disease? Am J Gastro 88: 1314-5, 1993.

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32. Kahn, R, … Beresford, T, et al.  Multi-Center Trial of Baclofen for Abstinence Initiation in Severe Cocaine Dependent Individuals, Drug Alcohol Dependence, 103: 59-64, 2009.

Recent Grants and Contracts:

1) “Neuro-immunophyllin Ligand Mechanism of Action in Reducing Alcohol Preference”

Principal Investigator: Thomas P. Beresford, M.D.

NIH/NIAAA:  R21, $315,000 total, 12/01/08 – 11/30/10


2) “A Double Blind Trial of Divalproex Sodium for Affective Lability and Alcohol Use Following Traumatic Brain Injury” 

Principal Investigator:  Thomas P. Beresford, M.D.

CDMRP, Department of Defense:  PT075168; period 9/15/08-9/14/2012. $755,994 total


3) “Aripiprazole in Co-morbid Schizophrenia and Cocaine Dependent Patients”

Principal Investigator: Thomas P. Beresford, M.D.

Bristol Myers Squibb: Investigator Initiated Study, $253,900 total, period: 8/1/08 – 7/31/10