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Pascoe profiled by School of Medicine Health Sciences Library

Photo - Mike Pascoe, PhD

Department of Physical Therapy Senior Instructor Mike Pascoe, PhD, was recently profiled by the Health Sciences Library on the Anschutz Medical Campus about his interactions with the Library, as well as his technical prowess with social media in health professions.

From The Appendix, Official Organ of the Health Sciences Library (October 2011 Edition):

Mike Pascoe, PhD, is a senior instructor of anatomy in the Physical Therapy Program and the Department of Cell & Developmental Biology. A Colorado native from Westminster, he received a BA in Kinesiology, an MS in Integrative Physiology, and a PhD in Neurophysiology from the University of Colorado at Boulder. Mike is an active user of social media and promotes its use in the professional development of research scientists and clinicians, especially in the health professions. He recently gave a presentation on the topic to a meeting of physical therapists. You can find him on Twitter as @mpascoe. A self-proclaimed “presentation snob,” he assists others with presentation design and preparation, and published an outline of the process. Although Mike is new to the campus, he already a familiar face at the Library.

Why do you come into the Health Sciences Library?
I attend classes about using software, like EndNote. I use the special collections to examine historic anatomical texts. I also stop by frequently to meet with Library staff and see what they are up to. What's your favorite online Library resource and why? I use ILLiad regularly. I am very much a PDF guy and the ILLiad service has a very fast turn-around when requesting PDFs of articles and book chapters.

What do you like best about the Library?
The layout is very relaxing and conducive to studying. There is a lot of open space and ample study areas, from small tables to large study rooms.

Why should others in our campus community come to our Library?
For inspiration. A proper library has to serve several purposes. Aside from granting access to information, a good library showcases the importance of knowledge by displaying artwork and other ways of showing off its collections. The Health Sciences Library does this very effectively. You never know what kind of opportunities might arise from connecting with people through the Library. You can find people that share a passion for knowledge at the Library. You can tell the staff really take pride in their work and enjoy it when they can connect with patrons that are passionate about learning. I always leave with many inspired ideas.

Who is your favorite Library staff member?
Lynne Fox. She is very approachable and super savvy about library technology. I knew we would get along well when I saw a QR code in her email signature, so she had an early advantage becoming my favorite staff member.

If you could change one thing about our Library, what would that be?
Cursor blinking, I cannot think of anything…

What are you reading right now?
I’ve been trying to make my way through Inside of a Dog and How the States Got Their Shapes.

Who's your favorite literary character?
I’ve don’t read much fiction, but I have fond childhood memories of Peter from The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe.

Give me a short catchy quote that sums up your feelings about the Library.
“Books constitute capital” – Thomas Jefferson

[Emily Epstein, Cataloging Librarian]