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Class of 2011

Residents and Fellows


Jeromy Cole, M.D. - Kaiser Permanente: Anesthesiology and Pain Intervention - Denver, CO


Jason Friedrich, M.D. - Kaiser Permanente - Physiatrist - Denver, CO


Montida Chowanadisai, M.D. - Special Care Pediatric Consultant at the Colorado Children's Hospital 


Wendy Lin, M.D. - Attending Physician at Rady's Children's Hospital - San Diego, CA




Kevin Berry, M.D. - The Spine Clinic - Roseburg, OR


Mgan Nelson, M.D. - Cancer Rehabilitation fellowship at MD Anderson - Houston, TX


Carter Sigmon, M.D. - Office Deployment School in Newport, RI then will report to the Navy Medical Center - San Diego, CA


 Peter Torberntsson, M.D. - Physiatrist with a private practice - Denver, CO