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PM&R Alumni

Founded in 1946, the University of Colorado Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation is one of the oldest departments of PM&R in the United States.  Over the last 60 years, hundreds of physical therapists, physiatrists, and fellows have entered and completed our academic programs.

Our graduates have gone on to academic appointments, clinical and private practice, industry, and international acclaim.

A little about our alumni:

Tom Xu, Los Angeles, CA, Interventional Spine Fellowship, UCLA
Jessica Pruente, Chicago, IL, Pediatric Rehabilitation Fellowship, Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago
Kyle Littel, Indianapolis, IN, Assistant Professor, Inpatient Faculty, Indiana University, Rehabilitation Hospital of Indiana
Mark Osborne, Ann Arbor, MI, Spine Fellowship, University of Michigan
Colin Carpenter, Cleveland, OH, Spine Fellowship, Cleveland Clinic
William Niehaus, Denver, CO, Inpatient Faculty, University of Colorado
Danielle Shoreman, Cincinnati, OH, Palliative Care Fellowship, Christ Hospital
Unoma Akamagwuna, Pittsburgh, PA, Assistant Professor, Pediatric Rehabilitation, University of Pittsburgh
Meier, Los Angeles, CA, Fellowship, UCLA Spine Medicine
Press, Denver, CO, Private Practice, Denver, CO
Scheidler, Cleveland, OH, Spine Fellowship - Cleveland Clinic
Smith, Lubbock, TX, Pain Fellowship - Texas Tech
Coons, Denver, CO, Academic, Denver VA
Knight, Denver, CO, Academic, Denver VA
Stone, Scottsdale, AZ Spine Fellow, Southwest Spine and Sports
Miedema, Los Angeles, CA, Fellowship, UCLA Spine Medicine
Richard Bren Blackham, Phoenix, AZ, Sports Medicine, Desert Spine and Sports
Jennifer Paul, Rochester, NY, University of Rochester Medical Center Dept. of PM&R
Eric Shoemaker, St. Louis, MO, Orthopaedics Fellowship, Washington University
Maryam Tahmasbi Sohi, Kansas City, KS, Academic, Denver VA
Kevin Berry, Issaquah, WA, Private Practice, Rehabilitation Options of Issaquah
Sigmon Carter, San Diego, CA, US Naval Medical Center
Peter Torberntsson, Denver, CO, Academic, Denver VA
Megan Nelson, Houston, TX, Anderson Cancer Center
Timothy Hudson, Richmond, VA, SCI Medicine @ Virginia Commonwealth
John Jones, Scottsdale, AZ, Spine Fellow, Southwest Spine and Sports
Michael Dichiaro, Cincinnati, OH, Cincinnati Children's Hospital
Erin Maslowski, Seattle, WA, Sports and Spine Fellowship, University of Washington
Marshall Emig, Bellevue, WA, MSK US, Interventional Spine and Sports Medicine @ Northwest Spine and Sports
Michelle Pepper, Salt Lake City, UT, University of Utah Sports and Spine Medicine