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Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

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Current Residents

University of Colorado Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Class of 2019

Dustin Anderson, MD

Hometown: Milwaukee, WI
Medical school: Medical College of Wisconsin
Internship: Medical College of Wisconsin
Personal Interests: Soccer, hiking, craft beer, value investing, poetry & creative writing.
PM&R interests: will be updated.

Johnathon Blake, MD

Hometown: Parsons, KS
Medical school: University of Kansas
Internship: University of Missouri – Kansas City
Personal Interests: Triathlons, hiking (especially 14ers), Jayhawk basketball, IPA's, family time, and my two dogs, Dakota and Pepper.
PM&R interests: Sideline sports coverage. MSK. Peripheral joint injections.

Taron Davis, MD (Combined Peds/Rehab)

Hometown: Kansas City, KS
Medical school: Saint Louis University
Internship: University of Colorado - Pediatrics
Personal Interests: I love that there is no shortage of outside activities in which to participate here in Denver. Whether hiking, biking, or having a group hang in one of the many parks around the city. First Fridays and jazz in the park are particular favorites. I also enjoy trying out all the new taste and flavors Denver has to offer; restaurants, tap rooms, and breweries are abundant and a constant joy to discover.
PM&R interests: My interest in Pediatric Rehab are around neuromuscular and movement disorders.

Bradley Gale, MD

Hometown: Clarkston, MI
Medical school: Michigan State University
Internship: George Washington University
Personal Interests: Skiing, hiking, biking, running, all the fun active stuff Colorado has to offer! Traveling and exploring new places with my partner. Good food and drinks with friends, sci-fi books and movies.
PM&R interests: Sports and MSK, Spinal intervention, EMGs, Ultrasound

Alexandra Garnett, MD

Hometown: Los Altos, CA
Medical school: University of Chicago
Internship: Kaiser Santa Clara
Personal Interests: Like most people in Denver, I love being outside all year round! I enjoy hiking, backpacking, and running -- in the winter its skiing and snowshoeing. My other interests include traveling the world, listening to audiobooks/podcasts, and baking things with way too much butter and sugar.
PM&R interests: General Inpatient Rehab, Spinal Cord Injury

Blake Kandah, MD

Hometown: Northville, MI
Medical school: George Washington University
Internship: University of Illinois at Chicago
Personal Interests: hiking, backpacking, travel, guitar, piano, movies, Michigan/Detroit sports
PM&R interests- Spine, MSK
Class of 2018

Stephanie Cowherd, MD

Hometown: Ozark, MO
Medical School: University of Missouri - Columbia
Internship: Saint Joseph Hospital
Personal Interests: Running, backpacking, climbing 14ers, grabbing beers with friends, coffee, brunch, family time
PM&R Interests: Pediatric Rehabilitation, Sports, Neuromuscular Disorders

Matthew Gnirke, MD

Hometown: Averill Park, NY
Medical School: SUNY Upstate Medical University
Internship: SUNY Upstate Medical University
Interests: Para-alpinism, Pugs, Hiking, Skiing, Concerts, VT Football, Star Wars, Road Trips, Weekends!

Julie Hastings, MD

Hometown: Chico, CA
Medical School: Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
Internship: Saint Joseph Hospital
Interests: Gardening, cooking, trying new restaurants (basically anything having to do with food), yoga, hiking, checking out more books from the library than I'll ever read, obsessing over my dog, making faces at my baby

Michael Lersten, MD

Hometown: West Des Moines, IA
Medical School: University of Iowa
Internship: Los Angeles County Harbor – UCLA Medical Center
Interests: Finding the most interesting books, movies, and music I can. Medical innovation. Arsenal soccer. Iowa Hawkeye football and basketball. Entrepreneurship. Nutrition/fitness. Playing guitar/piano. My record collection. Sampling fine (and not-so-fine) beers/wines/spirits. Meditation. Palliative care. Colorado stuff; hiking, camping, fishing, rafting, skiing, rock climbing.

Sruthi Thomas, MD (Combined Peds/Rehab)

Hometown: North Potomac, MD
Medical School: University of Colorado
Internship: University of Colorado Pediatrics
Personal Interests: Total foodie and cocktail/wine aficionado, skiing/snowboarding (changes based on my current injury!), running, apparently cycling if I wanna keep up with my husband, and on a serious note Pediatric Rehab with a research interest in white matter injury resulting in cerebral palsy.
Class of 2017

Aliea Herbert, MD

Hometown- Boulder, CO
Medical School: The George Washington University
Internship: Harbor UCLA
Personal interests: surfing (when there's a beach); mountain biking, rock climbing, backcountry skiing (when there are mountains); live music (when there's a night life); listening to podcasts & the NYT crossword (when it's a rainy day)

Christopher McMullen, MD

Hometown: Houston, TX
Medical School: University of Maryland School of Medicine
Internship: University of Maryland Medical Center: Midtown
Personal Interests: Good food, good people, craft brews, the Houston Rockets, long walks on the beach

Adele Meron, MD

Hometown: Delmar, NY
Medical School: Albany Medical College
Internship: Baystate Medical Center/Tufts University
Personal Interests: Soccer, snowboarding, kayaking, hiking, long leisurely brunches, Netflix marathons

Carmen Wong, MD

Hometown: Portsmouth, Virginia
Medical School: Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine
Internship: Virginia Commonwealth University, Internal Medicine
Personal Interests: big foodie, tennis and traveling - love exploring new places and trying new experiences! ...and always up for a cup of coffee no matter the time of day with good company.