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Residency Training Program Applicaton Information

To learn more about how to apply to the Residency Training Program in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, please review the subsections listed below.

Transtional Year Requirements (PGY1)

All applicants are required to satisfactorily complete an ACGME-accredited transitional year after being accepted into the CU Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Residency Training Program OR the first year may consist of rotations that meet the ACGME criteria as listed in the "Program Requirements, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation:" (

"One year of the four years of training is to develop fundamental clinical skills. This year of training in fundamental clinical skills must consist of an accredited transitional year or include six months or more responsibility in accredited training with inpatient responsibility in family practice, internal medicine, OB/GYN, pediatrics, or surgery, or any combination of these patient care experiences. The remaining months of this year may include any combination of accredited specialties or subspecialties.

Accredited training in any of the specialties or subspecialties selected must be for a period of at least four weeks. No more than eight weeks may be in nondirect patient care experiences. Training in fundamental clinical skills must be completed within the first two years of the four year training program."

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Residency Applicants
Combined Pediatrics/PM&R Residency Applicants
International Medical Graduates (IMGs)
Acceptable ACGME Accredited PGY1