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Medical Student Rotation

Elective in PM&R

Dr. Scott LakerA fourth year medical student elective is offered to University of Colorado ​​School of Medicine students as well as outside students. The director of medical student education, Dr. Scott Laker, will coordinate the four-week rotation. The elective is coordinated through the University of Colorado School of Medicine and is listed in their handbook of prospective electives.

Rotation Sites

Students will be assigned to one of the following:

    • DHMC: Denver Health Medical Center, the Denver County hospital with inpatient experience including TBI, multiple trauma, SCI, and CVA. Outpatient experience with monthly clinics in amputee, seating and positioning (2 x month), and SCI (student should get 2/3), and Electrodiagnostics.
    • CHC: The Children's Hospital Colorado with primary outpatient exposure in a variety of pediatric rehabilitation clinics including spasticity (botox) clinic, seating and positioning, cerebral palsy clinic, and other congenital and acquired conditions. 
    • UCH: University of Colorado Hospital with inpatient unit with variety of conditions including CVA, transplant, joint replacement as well as outpatient exposure to general rehabilitation clinic, spine center, spinal injection clinic and spine outpatient (Advanced MSK and Spine care/EMG. 
    • VAMC: Denver VA Medical Center with inpatient and outpatient experience in arthritis, stroke, amputation, SCI, TBI, MS and other musculoskeletal and neuromuscular disorders. 


How to Apply