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Optogenetics and Neural Engineering Core

The goal of the Optogenetics and Neural Engineering (ONE) Core is to facilitate the incorporation of optogenetics methods and custom engineering into existing research programs at the University of Colorado, Denver School of Medicine.

​This page is outdated. An updated webpage can be found here​.

Optogenetics encompasses a set of methods by which cellular function can be manipulated with light, allowing unprecedented spatiotemporal control of a rapidly expanding set of biological activities. We hope to make this set of tools more accessible to novice users on campus via the following services:


1) Design and fabrication of light sources and delivery devices for in vivo/vitro optical stimulation.

2) Consultation on adopting/optimizing the use of optogenetic methods.

3) Design and production of custom hardware and software components.

4) Supply equipment to assist optogenetic experimentation.

5) Data analysis of neuronal experiments.

6) Engineering support for research realization, including use of 3D Printer.


> Additional services may be added based on the needs of the user community.

> Services available to researchers outside of the Anschutz Medical Campus.


The Program is supported by the University of Colorado School Of Medicine Academic Enrichment Fund and the P30 Grant. 


Some useful links: - Useful application for calculating light-delivery needs

for optogenetics research, developed in house - General resource for optogenetics at Stanford University - Frequently updated website concerning optogenetics tools and techniques​

All prices are given for qualifying NINDS projects. Projects outside of NINDS will be charged approximately 50% higher rates for members of the Center for NeuroScience, and 100% higher rates for non-neuroscience projects.