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Nutrition - Clinical Services

Dr. Haemer at Clinic

The Nutrition Department at Children's Hospital Colorado, directed by Nancy F. Krebs, MD, provides a comprehensive range of clinical nutrition support.

Clinical Nutrition Services

at Children's Hospital Colorado
13123 East 16th Avenue, B270
Aurora, Colorado 80045
Tel: (720) 777-2691  Fax: (720) 777-7282


Our Providers

Nancy F. Krebs, MD, MS
Professor of Pediatrics
Head, Section of Nutriton
Vice Chair, Academic Affairs, Dept of Pediatrics

Amy Bartoshesky, FNP-BC
Instructor, Lifestyle Medicine

Richard Boles, PhD
Associate Professor

Rochelle L. Cason-Wilkerson, MD, MPH-FAAP
Assistant Professor

Liliane Diab, MD
Assistant Professor

Kimberly Gracey, PA-C
Senior Instructor

Mathew Haemer, MD, MPH
Associate Professor
Medical Director, Lifestyle Medicine Level 1 Weight Management

Jaime Moore, MD
Assistant Professor

Suzanne Paul, FNP
Sr. Instructor
Program Coordinator, Lifestyle Medicine Clinic

Stacie Schreiner, DNP, FNP-BC

Darcy Thompson, MD, MPH
Associate Professor
Director, Clinical Nutrition Fellowship
Associate Medical Director, Children's Hospital Research Institute


The Growth and Parenting/Nutrition Clinic is an outpatient referral clinic for infants, children and adolescents with nutrition and growth concerns.  Our clinic team consists of nutrition trained medical providers and registered dietitians.  In addition, our teams work closely together to ensure that nutrition is optimized during hospital stays and in many other outpatient specialty clinics at Children’s Hospital Colorado.  Inpatient consultations are provided by our nutrition board-certified pediatricians and dietitians, who focus on medically complex patients with special nutrition and metabolic needs as well as identifying patients at high nutrition risk.  Weekly rounds are conducted with the nutrition physicians and dietitians on medically complex patients.

  • Attending: Nancy F. Krebs, MD; Liliane Diab, MD; and Kimberly Gracey, PA-C
  • Registered Dietitians: Deidra Barlow, RD; Stephanie Drake, RD; Amy Heinrichs, RD; Jennifer Kintner, RD; Cinda Nab, RD; Ali Simeon, RD; and Jessica Youngberg, RD
  • Clinical Staff: Amy Brautigam, RN; Monica Davis (Administrative Service Coordinator); Stephanie Duncan, RN; Megan Fink (Business Manager); Yvette Roman-Ortiz, MA; Seidy Santos, MA; and Hilary Tijerina, RN


The LIFEstyle –Medicine Program is a multidisciplinary pediatric weight-management clinic that includes thorough assessment and individualized, family-based treatment, incorporating medical, dietary, physical activity, and behavioral approaches.

  • Attending: Amy Bartoshesky, FNP-BC; Rochelle Cason-Wilkerson, MD; Liliane Diab, MD; Kimberly Gracey, PA-C; Matthew Haemer, MD; Jaime Moore, MD; Suzanne Paul, FNP-C (Program Manager); Stacie Schreiner, DNP; and Darcy Thompson, MD
  • Registered Dietitians: Deidra Barlow, RD; Caitlin Cacioppo, RD; Carly Chason, RD; Afton Delvecchio, RD; Jessica Hemingway, RD; Torie Silverstone, RD; Jan Walker, RD; and Jessica Youngberg, RD
  • Clinical Staff: Richard Boles, PhD; Monica Davis (Administrative Service Coordinator); Megan Fink (Business Manager); Helen Seagle, MS, RD; Eve Kutchman, exercise specialist; and Michael Witten, MS, exercise specialist.  Other program team members include faculty from Pediatric Endocrinology and Pediatric Cardiology.

Please visit Children's Hospital Colorado website for further information.