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Taylor Yamauchi, BA

Professional Research Assistant

Hometown:        Honolulu, Hawaii​ Bio pic taylor.jpg

Education:         Wellesley College, Boston, MA

                                -          BA in Biology (2013)
Bio:                  Taylor moved to Colorado from Honolulu, Hawaii in the Fall of 2013 to become a Professional Research Assistant in the Neff Lab.  During her studies at Wellesley College, Taylor gained a strong interest in research through her lab experiences and is excited to continue to conduct research in the Neff lab.  Her research interests are wide and span the medical field from research in Oncology to Psychiatric Disorders.  In her free time, Taylor enjoys sports, cooking, and playing video games. 

Contact:            Mail Stop 8302
                                Building RC1-N, P18-4401k
                                12800 E 19th Ave.
                                Aurora, CO 80045