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Etienne Danis, PhD

Research Associate


Lezan, France


University of Montpellier (2000-2005)
- PhD in molecular biology and biochemistry, Laboratory of Dr. Marcel Mechali
Thesis: Specification of DNA replication origins by transcription factors

The Salk for Biological Studies (2005-2006)
- Postdoctoral fellowship, Laboratory of Dr. Geoffrey Wahl
Project: Isolation of mammary stem cells during murine embryonic development

University of California, San Diego (2006-2012)
- Postdoctoral fellowship, Laboratory of Dr. Jing Yang
Project: Dissection of Twist1 transcriptional network in breast cancer metastasis


Better understanding the transcriptional networks and signaling pathways critical in cancers to develop more efficient therapies


In his spare time, Etienne enjoys hiking, rock climbing, reading science fiction books, and listening to science podcasts.

Etienne is currently learning data science using the online website, datacamp:​


University of Colorado Denver
Pediatric Hematology/Oncology/BMT
Mail Stop 8302
RC1-N, P18-4420
12800 E 19th Ave.
Aurora, CO 80045