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Etienne Danis, PhD

Research Associate

Hometown:        Lezan, France

Education:        University of Montpellier (2000-2005)
                         -          PhD. in molecular biology and biochemistry, Laboratory of Dr. Marcel Mechali
                         ​Thesis: Specification of DNA replication origins by transcription factors
                         ​The Salk for Biological Studies (2005-2006)
                         ​-          Postdoctoral fellowship, Laboratory of Dr. Geoffrey Wahl
                         ​Project: Isolation of mammary stem cells during murine  embryonic development
                         ​University of California, San Diego (2006-2012)
                         ​-          Postdoctoral fellowship, Laboratory of Dr. Jing Yang
                         ​Project: Dissection of Twist1 transcriptional network in breast cancer metastasis
Interests:        Better understanding the transcriptional networks and signaling pathways critical in cancers to develop more efficient therapies​

Bio:                  In his spare time, Etienne enjoys hiking, rock climbing, reading science fiction books, and listening to science podcasts.                        
Contact:            University of Colorado Denver
                                Pediatric Hematology/Oncology/BMT
                                Mail Stop 8302
                                RC1-N, P18-4420
                                12800 E 19th Ave.
                                Aurora, CO 80045