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Lab Photos

Halloween, 2012                                            Christmas Party, 2012

  Halloween.JPG         Neff.Bernt Family.jpg

        (left to right) Kristen and Jessica             Tobias Neff, Kathrin Bernt, and daughters Julia and Sasha

Winter Adventure, 2013

Dog sledding.jpg

Kristen's Medical School acceptance celebratory lunch!MedicalSchoolCelebration.jpg

     (left to right) Simone, Kristen, Kathrin, Tobias, Jessica, Gina

       Halloween, 2013
Halloween 2013.jpg

       Halloween, 2014

Bernt Halloween 2014.jpg
From upper left photo (left to right): Jessica, Gina, Kathrin, Molly, Simone

Halloween 2015


From top left (clockwise): Molly, lab photo, Simone, Taylor, Kathrin, and Rachel.