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National Adolescent Perpetration Network

​Working to reduce the risk of kids beginning or continuing to be abusive
The NAPN is a cooperative network of diverse, multidisciplinary professionals and paraprofessionals, from many disciplines and a spectrum of systems, who work together to prevent abuse of and by children and adolescents. Founded in 1983 in response to reports of adolescents molesting children, the primary goals have been to facilitate services for adolescents who have committed sexual offenses and to learn from them how to prevent other children from developing abusive and/or sexual behavior problems.  For 30 years, hundreds of members working in adolescent and pre-adolescent treatment programs in the U.S. and abroad have contributed to current knowledge about abuse perpetration.

Much of what has been learned about the youth who commit sexual offenses during adolescence has actually been good news: 

  • Most are like other delinquents and do not continue offending as adults.  Although a small minority do have sexual problems which may require lifetime management, for most, the behaviors are more related to typical adolescent interests and confusion about sexuality combined with a capacity to be abusive.
  • Treatment models have evolved which now aim to balance risk reduction with health promotion, and research shows very low rates of recidivism as these youth mature into adulthood.  Nonetheless, the harm caused by abusive behavior is very real and early intervention and prevention efforts are critical.
Unfortunately, policies and laws have evolved in reaction to sexual offenses which often do not recognize the inherent differences between juveniles and adults and in many instances are contraindicated and counterproductive in terms of traditional juvenile justice goals for rehabilitation and successful outcomes for youth.  The need for professionals to continue to share knowledge from research and practice to inform up to date assessments, treatment, policies, and laws is as great today as in the 1980’s.  NAPN continues to facilitate collaboration and support for providers and researchers to continue this work, as well as reaching out to early childhood professionals with perpetration prevention strategies.
NAPN’s focus and scope has been guided by its members: facilitating consensus building & collaboration throughout the field; providing guidance and support to practitioners, researchers, and policy makers; collecting and disseminating multi-site data; providing information and referrals; and hosting national conferences.
National Conference
NAPN 2017 Conference 
Riverwalk to the Future  Creating Healthy Relationships for Youth who have Sexually offended.


San Antonio,  February 12,13,14! Wyndham San Antonio Riverwalk Hotel.

Online registration is closed, but there is still room in all sessions.  Please register on site.

Conference Registration HERE where you can register and pay by credit card or check. 

Please Note discounted Early Registration is until January 20; and REMEMBER to make your hotel reservation first to get the $20 dollar discount on the conference fee.

For HOTEL reservations call directly at 1-866-764-8536 or go to
Wyndham San Antonio Riverwalk Hotel​ - Identify yourself as a NAPN Conference participant to receive the group rate.




NAPN 2017 - 31st Annual Conference. Please see bottom of this page for more information.

NAPN is supported by The Kempe Center and Foundation, & the Department of Pediatrics of the University of Colorado School of Medicine.

For more information email   Gail Ryan

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