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Involving Children in the FGDM Process

When decisions need to be made about the care and well-being of children; the best source for those decisions lie within the family group to include parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, fictive kin and whomever else comprises the family’s natural network of support. A mantra in FGDM is “nothing about me without me”. The question is not if children will be included but how they will be included in the process. This two-day training challenges the idea that children should not be involved in the planning around decisions directly impacting them. Participants will learn strategies to successfully involve children in FGDM processes with respect to the child’s emotional and development needs and abilities and the family’s culture.

At the end of this training participants will be able to:
  • Explain the importance of child inclusion in the FGDM processes
  • Identify strategies to support child inclusion while respecting the needs of the child and the family
  • Demonstrate how to apply the philosophy of and strategies to include children during each stage of the FGDM process
  • Describe the role of support people to children and how to prepare support persons for their role 

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