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Customized Training

FGDM has been a part of practice for more agencies and organizations in the U.S., Canada and other countries worldwide for almost two decades. What this means is that there are many seasoned practitioners in the FGDM and other family involvement strategies community in need of advanced knowledge, skill development and practice improvement learning opportunities. The National Center is well prepared to provide advanced trainings across a variety of topic areas. Some sample areas could include:

Organizational planning and implementation

  • Understanding and managing complex situations and relationships
  • Coordinator self-renewal
  • The role of leadership in FGDM practice
  • Facilitating plan presentation
  • Cultural collisions in FGDM
  • Addressing the challenges of language in FGDM
  • Youth and FGDM (transition plans, aging out, permanency, etc.)
  • Addressing disproportionality and disparities using FGDM
  • Supervising FGDM coordinators/facilitators

Contact us for more information about this training opportunity.